Destiny Raid Boss Defeated by Only Two Players on Heroic Mode

Destiny Guide: How to Beat the Wrath of the Machine Raid - Destiny Vosik

Two players incredibly conquer Vosik on Wrath of the Machine Heroic Mode, arguably the most difficult boss encounter of the harder mode of Destiny's new raid.

Destiny fans never cease to amaze in the feats they are able to accomplish. The newest self-imposed challenge to be accomplished is two-manning Vosik, the first boss in the Wrath of the Machine raid on Heroic Mode.

While Heroic Mode adds more complexity to nearly every encounter in Wrath of the Machine, most Destiny players would agree that Vosik is the hardest of the bunch. Amazingly, Twitch streamer Gigz and his teammate Lethal Vendetta were able to take a boss fight that can be completely overwhelming for a full fireteam of six and come out on top with just two.

Here's the full run:


The Vosik fight is much more manageable in the Normal Mode of the raid, with the main mechanic being three SIVA Charges that must be thrown per side plus taking out the monitor after throwing the bombs. However, in Heroic Mode, two SIVA Charges drop per side and the monitors require much more to take out.

Throwing six total bombs and putting enough damage down range to take out the monitors, while also dealing with enemy mobs has been a challenge even for full raid teams, so it is a pretty admirable accomplishment to do it with a third of that number.


Watching from Gigz's perspective, his ample use of the Defender Titan's Force Barrier to provide an extra shield while gathering and throwing SIVA Charges provides a big help. But his movement is spot-on, with both players transitioning seamlessly across the map to throw one bomb only to be right on top of another to throw.

When it comes to the damage phase, the Defender Titan's Ward of Dawn with Weapons of Light and the Sleeper Simulant allow Gigz and Lethal to take out Vosik in just three damage phases.

Before players being able to now two-man Vosik, another player recently defeated the raid's final boss Aksis solo. And another team encountered a strange glitch that turned off all the lights against Aksis and they fought the final encounter in the dark.

Fans are challenging themselves to take out Destiny's newest big baddies in these new ways, but there will be official Challenge Modes coming for Wrath of the Machine in the near future. While Bungie has yet to announce a hard date for their release, the developer has said Challenge Modes will debut sometime shortly after Festival of the Lost, which ends November 8th.

Defeating Vosik with only a two-man fireteam is quite the feat, but we expect there will be many more impressive accomplishments coming from the Destiny community.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Gigz (YouTube)

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