Destiny Raid Walkthrough Reveals Scrapped Mad Max Easter Egg


Today's Bungie 'Ride Along' reveals that the Siege Machine boss fight in the Wrath of the Machine raid almost had an awesome Mad Max reference for Destiny fans to enjoy.

Earlier today a few developers from Bungie took Twitch viewers on a ‘Ride Along’ through Destiny’s new Wrath of the Machine raid. The goal of these streams, for those who haven’t seen them before, is to hear the developers talk a little bit about what went into designing the raid and also learn some behind-the-scenes, never before revealed information.

Unfortunately, a lot of the talk during the Destiny stream was focused on design elements that fans are already well aware of. The Twitch chat tried to get answers to questions like, “How do you spawn Randal Perfected,” and what the “dance room” might mean, but the Bungie devs never really hit on anything particularly illuminating. In fact, the raid team was pretty proficient at the raid, so they breezed through it rather quickly.

One funny reveal that Bungie did have for the Ride Along, though, was some concept art for the Siege Machine boss fight that would have made the encounter a little more entertaining. Although it was never officially added, Bungie had originally designed a double guitar wielding Fallen Captain to ride the Siege Machine, but the concept was eventually scrapped part way through production.



An obvious nod to the new Mad Max sequel, it’s easy to see why the Destiny devs had to scrap the concept, even if it would have got a lot of attention from the community. Copyright is a difficult road to navigate, and there’s the chance that Bungie could have drawn some flak for the Captain, even if his inclusion would have been perfect. That being said, Bungie uses some very famous dances as emotes and finds way to skirt around those potential lawsuits, so there is a precedent.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to see that Bungie at least had the same thought that most Destiny players had when they first saw the Siege Engine. The Mad Max style imagery is too strong to ignore, but more importantly it’s a raid encounter that offers something slightly different. Too bad the Fallen Captain couldn’t have made the cut, but at least he will live on in our memories.

Unfortunately, this ‘Ride Along’ was the last major thing Destiny fans had to look forward to until December, when Sparrow Racing League is set to return. With the Aksis and Vosik challenges done, the launch content has officially run its course, which is why Bungie decided to host this raid along. Now it’s time to look towards the future, both of Destiny in Year 3 and Destiny 2 in 2017.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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