Destiny Raid's Secret Room is a Basketball Court, Bungie Says

Destiny Secret Room No Loot

Bungie Creative Director Luke Smith confirms that the secret raid room found by the Destiny community is just an Easter Egg without any loot to be found.

The Destiny community is at a fever pitch right now. After the discovery of the hidden exotic Black Spindle a few weeks ago and as the search for the elusive Sleeper Simulant continues, anytime someone in the Destiny community discovers something new, its members rabidly go to work to explore its every nook and cranny.

That’s what happened this weekend when some players discovered a new room in the King’s Fall Raid. Hours were spent trying to uncover its riddles, but before things could get too out of hand, Bungie Creative Director Luke Smith confirmed on Twitter today that the secret room is just an Easter Egg. There’s no loot or other secrets to be found within.


Getting into the room involves a complex, borderline-glitchy method of jumping to various locations around an area of the raid to activate specific spikes in a particular order. After accessing the room, players found a ball-shaped relic in the middle of the area and a relic statue (a hoop, if you will) on the far side of the room. Players could pick up the relic, jump onto launch pads, and dunk the relic into the hoop. Some even predicted today's news over the weekend.


No one probably believed him players then, but today it’s confirmed. All players found was “Oryx’s Basketball Court,” an Easter Egg put into the game by Bungie.

Some may believe that Luke Smith is just trying to hide the true secrets of the room. But in this case, he can probably be trusted. In fact, he likely saved players even more hours had they continued to try to unlock secrets that were never there to begin with.

But did Destiny players get trolled? Not necessarily. Bungie has a history of hiding complex Easter Eggs in their past games, and some of them were just straight looney. In fact, Oryx’s Basketball Court harkens back to the IWHBYD (I Would Have Been Your Daddy) Skull from Halo 3, which didn’t have any gameplay effects outside of unlocking humorous dialogue spoken by non-playable characters. Unlocking the skull involved a complex, ordered jumping puzzle in one of the games final levels, and was, in fact, only discovered by hackers looking at the game’s code.

As for the secret room in King’s Fall? It appears this is a case of determined players discovering one of the secrets Bungie has hidden away in Destiny. The room is still accessible, and many videos can be found on YouTube detailing how to gain access. Destiny YouTuber Arekkz Gaming has a pretty easy-to-understand guide on his channel.

Finding this secret room just illustrates the state of Destiny and its community right now. Bungie has obviously tucked away plenty of secrets inside The Taken King, some that could reap powerful rewards and others, like this one, that are more fun than anything else. And the Destiny community is no doubt full of enthusiastic players who are on the lookout for any and every mystery in the game they are so passionate about. Even if that secret is just an intergalactic basketball court.

Have you entered the secret room in King’s Fall? What do you think about this Easter Egg in Destiny?

Source: Twitter

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