Destiny Teases King's Fall Raid Launch at 10am PT

Destiny Kings Fall Raid Trailer

While many Destiny players have only scratched the surface of The Taken King, the new expansion released earlier this week, others are already in major grind mode. That’s because the King’s Fall raid is right around the corner, set to release Friday morning for all to enjoy.

In preparation for the King’s Fall raid’s launch, Bungie has released a new Destiny teaser trailer for the endgame experience that gives a few additional looks at gameplay. Granted, the teaser trailer is mostly comprised of the same footage from the last Destiny raid trailer, but there are some new nuggets of info.

That being said, players hoping to get clues regarding the core mechanics of the raid are unlikely to be satisfied. Bungie wants there to be plenty of surprises when players fly to the Dreadnaught, including at least one major “twist.”

For those who have not been in the loop with The Taken King thus far, Destiny’s new King’s Fall raid will release at 10am PT, a typical launch time for Bungie. However, this particular time slot carries even more weight, as many hardcore Destiny veterans will be lined up at the starting line, hoping to race through the raid and claim the title of ‘World First’.


Those players have been grinding all of Destiny: The Taken King’s new quests, claiming new exotics along the way, all in an effort to eclipse the raid’s recommended light level of 280. While 280 is the recommendation, we expect that most enemies will be higher recommended light level towards the end – a common strategy Bungie uses to ramp up difficulty. Still, we doubt these players will have a tough time completing the raid, or at least we hope it won’t take 11 hours like Vault of Glass.

Others are simply eager for a new raid, as this will mark only the third endgame, 6-player experience in Destiny. And with this raid billed as the biggest Bungie has ever created, high hopes abound. More importantly, players are hoping to nab some sweet loot from the King’s Fall raid, both to increase their max Light level and add to their collection. Much of the armor appears to be themed after Oryx’s design, but the hope is that more than just basic armor and weapons will drop.

After all, players want to know what the new Vex Mythoclast or Necrochasm might be. Some think the Touch of Malice could be that weapon. We will just have to wait and see.

Are you ready for the King’s Fall raid on Friday morning? What have you done to prepare for the endgame activity?

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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