Destiny: Oryx Beat By Only Two Players in King’s Fall Raid

By | 1 year ago 

Although Destiny has only been on the market for a little over the year, Bungie’s title has already fostered a fervent and dedicated community. Some like to pore over every inch of the game in the hopes of uncovering secrets and Easter Eggs, while others choose to create new challenges within the set Destiny framework. And nowhere are those challenges more prevalent than in the raids.

While some had thought the King’s Fall raid in Destiny: The Taken King was built specifically to combat challenges – a direct response to the endless solo runs in Crota’s End – a select few have already found new ways to circumvent those restrictions. Thus far we’ve seen players beat specific sections with far less than the recommended 6-player fireteam, like this two-man run of Golgoroth, and every day these challenge runners push themselves further and further. However, this week we think the Destiny challenge community has hit a new peak, as The Legend Himself beat Oryx with only a two-man team.

As readers can see in the video below, The Legend Himself – which in this case is represented by CommanderCuesta and A Death Card – is able to fell Oryx with only a third of the recommended players. Granted, achieving said feat requires a fair bit of circumvention, but it is no less impressive.

For those curious how The Legend Himself clan pulls this off, it’s fairly simple. Two Sunsinger Warlocks enter the raid boss fight and run through the entire instance preforming all the basic tasks. They still detonate bombs, they still run from the ‘Wrath of the King’ explosions, and they still fight the Echo of Oryx. The only difference is that the two Destiny players don’t protect themselves from the bomb detonations using the Aura of Immortality. Rather, they let the bombs kill them and self revive afterwards.

While some would argue this isn’t “two-manning” Oryx, The Legend Himself deserves all the credit for crafting this strategy. Not to mention, being able to pull it off without a hitch. What’s especially impressive is that the two players are able to manage using the bonus Touch of Malice damage without accidentally dying.

So now the question becomes what’s next? It’s safe to assume some members of The Legend Himself will attempt a solo run of Oryx, but thus far no one has been successful. That may change once the hard mode King’s Fall launches, though, and introduces weapons with attack levels above 310.

See, if two players are able to stagger Oryx with the Touch of Malice rated at 310 attack, we’re inclined to believe one player could do the same with a 315 or 320 attack Touch of Malice. They would need to detonate two bombs at a tim (by killing two Ogres close together) and would still need to self revive, but not much would be different in a solo run. Whether or not a single player will be able to preform defeat the Echo of Oryx is the big question, but we fully expect The Legend Himself to try it out soon.

Source: CommanderCuesta