Destiny: Bungie Is Having 'Conversations' About Raid Matchmaking

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As the most pre-ordered new IP in video game history, Destiny had a lot riding on its shoulders when it launched a month ago. But despite its sales success many have thrown valid criticism its way. In discussions amongst gamers - and in parodies in the form of entirely new games - Destiny's punishing loot system has been mocked, becoming somewhat of a running joke in how broken it is. Meanwhile, early patches have been rolled out in an effort to smooth over some rough edges.

The most divisive of Destiny's issues though, is its matchmaking, or lack thereof. With matchmaking not existing in the daily/weekly challenges and raids, some players have already devised their own methods to team up to tackle the most rewarding parts of the game. It's not user friendly though and since the big Raid is the only unique mission of the game, it's a problem since most players don't have five friends playing the same game at the same time on the same console with similar high level characters. So, Bungie is sort of addressing the topic in their weekly Q&A.

The calls to introduce matchmaking are specifically in regard to Destiny's Raid missions. Community Manager David Dague explains that they were "designed for solid teams of killers who have made a commitment to solve a dense and explosive riddle" but as some players have found the Raid missions too difficult or have found themselves without the required amount of players from their friends list, they've been adamant that matchmaking needs to be introduced.

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However, it's the fact that Raid missions need good communication and solid teamwork that Bungie didn't include matchmaking in the first place. As if trying to explain that the proof is in the pudding, Dague said that,

"Matchmaking has always contributed the ingredient of a team built to play one match of competitive multiplayer. As you’ve probably witnessed in recent weeks (or years), many of those fresh allies have failed to go the distance together."

"Most of the raiding parties who have emerged victorious from the Vault of Glass have sworn that one weak link would have doomed their chain."

While it's hard to disagree that Dague is right, players can argue that they are missing out on an integral piece of the Destiny puzzle. And they are. For a game that Activision and Bungie are looking to support for the next 10 years, that's a long time to go to leave players out in the cold and it's a great deal of content that they won't be playing.

What is good news though, is that Dague says,

"[Bungie is] having conversations about how Matchmaking might support the more challenging activities in Destiny."

"It’s a start" he adds, but if we "keep sounding off about it" then "maybe someday some matchmade Fireteam mates will hear you, too."

Source: Bungie

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