For all intents and purposes, The Taken King expansion for Destiny appears to be a return to form for Bungie, with many lapsed players jumping back into the boots of their Guardians to explore the bevy of new content the expansion has brought to the table. One of the major new additions to the game, the King’s Fall raid, is not yet available for excited Destiny players to explore, but it will be soon. The raid officially opens at 10am PT on Friday September 18th and those that wish to have any semblance of success in it should prepare ahead of time.

While we’ve actually known recommended Light level for the King’s Fall raid for quite some time, it’s a detail that many may not remember. According to creative director Luke Smith, the recommended light level for the new raid in Destiny: The Taken King is 280. Even though the leveling system in the game has changed to focus on XP-based progression, players still need to raise their Light level in order stay competitive and do more damage. Raising one’s Light level is mainly done through acquiring better gear, as it always has been in Destiny.

Those that want to reach maximum Light level in Destiny: The Taken King should refer to our max Light level guide on the subject, as well as take some notes from the creative director of the game himself, Luke Smith:

“Go do Strike normal and then, as soon as you can graduate to Strike Heroic, get into that Heroic playlist. If you’re doing those things, like ticking off the quest log that’s in front of you and then getting through Strike Heroic, you’re going to climb into the 280s relatively quickly.”

Destiny Max Light Level Guide Taken King

The good news is that reaching higher Light levels shouldn’t be as much of a grind as it was previously, mostly because Destiny‘s loot system has been better planned out. While it’s unclear how exactly the game evaluates Light level, in our experience there is always a steady flow of better gear, and some new items for Destiny, coming down the pipeline. These new items include artifacts (artifacts can only be equipped once the player reaches level 40) as well as the new stat-boosting Ghost shells.

Keep in mind that this recommended Light level of 280 is likely in reference to the normal version of the King’s Fall raid. We aren’t sure yet what the recommended Light level is for the hard version of the raid, but that information should become available soon enough.

Most Destiny players are still busy exploring the wealth of new content added in The Taken King, and the addition of the King’s Fall raid tomorrow should put even more on their plate. The raid is said to be the biggest raid in Destiny‘s history, and will feature a “special twist” as well. It will be interesting to see what exactly that “twist” happens to be, and dedicated Destiny players should be sure to gear up in advance so they can take on the King’s Fall raid to the best of their ability starting tomorrow.

Have you been enjoying The Taken King expansion for Destiny? Are you at the recommended Light level to complete the King’s Fall raid? Let us know your thoughts on Destiny‘s new expansion in the comments below.

The Taken King expansion for Destiny is currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Mashable