Destiny’s Lead Raid Designer teases the exciting new Challenge Mode feature coming to the Destiny King’s Fall Raid, which will introduce new challenges every week.

In this week’s weekly Destiny update from Bungie, Lead Raid Designer Gavin Irby further fleshed out a new variant coming to the King’s Fall raid early next month. Some time early next month, Bungie will introduce Challenge Modes into Destiny’s newest raid, and offer players an additional test of ability and strength as they battle King’s Fall’s main baddies.

According to Irby, the new mode will refresh every week like the game’s other challenges, and will task players with eliminating one of the King’s Fall raid bosses in a very specific manner. Irby didn’t share what those death-dealing methods would be, but he did mention they would be available on both Normal and Hard modes. According to Irby:

Early in December, one of the King’s Fall bosses will offer their challenge each week. You’ll see which boss when you select the Raid in the Director. It will display next to a skull, just like one of our Nightfall modifiers. They work on both normal and hard mode, and offer rewards to match.

Each boss’s challenge requires that you defeat them in a very specific manner. How, exactly? We’re going to leave that up to you to discover (but apologies in advance to those that run the single-pool strat for Golgoroth).

Destiny Crucible Weapons Fireteam

It’s not surprising to see Bungie incorporate challenges into Destiny’s toughest raid. Many players create their own challenges for the raids, including the many well-documented solo runs, fastest-time attempts, and unique methods of completing a raid. Naturally, Bungie wants to capitalize on Destiny players’ hunger for more and greater challenges. Dedicated and new Destiny players alike will no-doubt be excited for a fresh, new trial within the King’s Fall raid.

Additionally, with Bungie adjusting its plans for Year Two away from paid DLCs to regular free content, it’s unknown when a new raid will become available for Destiny. So introducing new ways for fans to continue playing the game is crucial for Destiny’s continued success, especially with the release of high-profile games like Fallout 4.

While there’s no official release date for the upcoming King’s Fall Raid Challenge Mode, it sounds like Destiny players can expect the new feature to drop in the next two weeks, since it’s coming “early in December.” With Destiny content and challenges refreshing every Tuesday, it’s likely the new Challenge Mode could arrive as early as December 8th.

What do you think about the King’s Fall Raid Challenge Mode in Destiny? Will you be attempting the weekly challenges? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Destiny is currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie