Bungie says details are coming next week about Challenge Modes coming to the King’s Fall Raid, which will give Destiny players new obstacles to overcome and rewards to earn in the raid.

For a few weeks now Destiny fans have been eagerly awaiting details about what’s next for them. After Destiny: The Taken King’s Creative Director Luke Smith revealed last month that challenge modes are coming to the King’s Fall raid last month, players have wanted to know what new hurdles they will have to overcome.

Bungie teased yesterday in their Bungie Weekly Update that the much-anticipated information will be shared next week. Bungie Community Manager, DeeJ, also followed up the blog post with a tweet saying that a Raid designer will tell all about challenge modes in next week’s Bungie Weekly Update.

Not much is known about the upcoming Challenge Modes to King’s Fall, but Bungie has confirmed that it will involve defeating the bosses within the Raid with a new mechanic added to each encounter. Completing them under the new conditions will offer new rewards, including a special emblem. While the more useful rewards remain a mystery, the last three “missing” Calcified Fragments will be earned through this new mode.

Only 47 Calcified Fragments are currently in Destiny, but players know that 50 exist. Calcified Fragments are hidden items on the Dreadnaught, which have unlocked Grimoire cards containing the Book of Sorrow, a piece of Destiny lore that tells of Oryx and the birth of the Hive race. Players were required to collect 45 of them to earn the exotic scout rifle Touch of Malice, a very useful gun in the raid.

Players have speculated that collecting all 50 Calcified Fragments may unlock another high-level reward, with the most popular theory being that it will lead to the only 320 artifact in the game, which could be the final piece keeping players from hitting the level cap.

Destiny The Taken King Touch of Malice Exotic Revealed

Luke Smith also clarified on Twitter yesterday that the Challenge Modes will only apply to King’s Fall; The Vault of Glass and Crota’s End will not be receiving any such modes. These Challenge Modes are an example of Bungie’s plan to keep players hooked over the course of Year Two, by adding more content over time, which also includes new (and refreshed) exotics being added to the game next month.

All this is meant to overcome what Destiny players call the “content gap” – that is the time between expansions when the majority of players have consumed all the latest content and don’t have much to do besides replaying the same activities. Challenge Mode appears to be the final card Bungie has to play with The Taken King. DeeJ also teased in yesterday’s weekly update that Bungie would be at PlayStation Experience December 5-6, so that could be the place where they announce Destiny’s next expansion.

What do you think Destiny‘s upcoming King’s Fall Challenge Mode will entail?

Source: Bungie