Destiny: All 3 King's Fall Challenge Mode Bosses Active This Week

Destiny Oryx Hard Mode Solo

In a last ditch effort to give Destiny players a chance to finish their Moments of Triumph, Bungie sets all three King's Fall Challenge Mode modifiers active.

Although Destiny players initially thought the bell had rung on their chance to complete the Moments of Triumph for Year 2, developer Bungie has surprised everyone with one last week of madness. Rather than let Destiny: The Taken King go out with a whimper, the second year of Destiny is going out with a bang, as all 3 King’s Fall Challenge Modes are live, along with all 3 Court of Oryx bosses.

Originally, Destiny players thought that the window had closed on completing their Year 2 Moments of Triumph. Because both the King’s Fall Challenge Modes and the Court of Oryx bosses were on a rotation, the assumption was that the last opportunity to complete those tasks was about two weeks ago, when the final rotation began. However, last night’s reset revealed that all three of the King’s Fall Challenge Modes are active and the Court of Oryx bosses are on a rotation. That means players can complete the Warpriest Challenge, the Golgoroth Challenge, and the Oryx Challenge in one King’s Fall raid run.

This isn’t just a useful surprise for Calcified Fragment collecting, though, but is also perfect for those players looking to hit light level 335. Since each of the Challenge Mode bosses will drop loot (via a chest) up to 335, chances are most players will be able to get close to or hit the cap by Rise of Iron’s launch on September 20th.

Destiny Golgoroth Challenge

On the Court of Oryx side of things, the Tier 3 bosses are on a rotation, meaning that if the correct boss doesn’t appear for you simply let the timer reset, use a charged Tier 3 rune again, and a new boss should appear. Like with the King’s Fall raid Challenge Modes, this is a perfect opportunity to collect some 335 artifacts if you don’t have any already.

It’s a smart move by Bungie to make sure that the final week of Year 2 is a fruitful one, and to ensure that any who might have given up on completing their Moments of Triumph in Destiny have yet another chance to do so. Moreover, any players who want another opportunity to gear up before Rise of Iron hits will want to hit up King’s Fall one last time.

Speaking of Rise of Iron, we’re about a week out from release, but already excitement is building within the Destiny community. We’ve already seen what the first Rise of Iron story mission looks like, and watched Sepiks Perfected fall in the updated Strike, but chances are Bungie has a few more surprises in store for fans.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases September 20, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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