Destiny Team Kills Every Raid Boss in a Row Without Dying or Using Guns


There's no doubt that Destiny's community is populated with some truly talented gamers, as they often go on to set extremely difficult self-imposed limitations on their playthroughs, with one intrepid Fireteam of Guardians having recently taken on the task of killing every single final raid boss in a row in a successive back-to-back order without stopping. While some might scoff at such a feat, what makes the accomplishment incredibly impressive is that the group did so during the challenge modes at 390 Light without the use of guns and without dying once.

As seen below in YouTuber and Redditor GladHeAteHer182's video, the footage starts off with a preamble stating that it took the Guardians roughly 60 hours in total to achieve this, so it definitely was no walk in the park. Of course, doing so took a lot of planning on the Destiny players' parts, with the likes of Samiam1192, Textbook1987, Sweatcicle, It is Spartan, IH O V A, Its GShark, I Indica I, Khosla03, xSolid, rowan, Dark, and Gladd all contributing ideas and strategies on how to complete such a task.

Since it took around 60 hours to do so and was a team challenge, GladHeAteHer182 mentions the fact that it was hard keeping the same squad intact the whole time, so replacements came in to take part in the action when needed. Additionally, since the group of Destiny fans decided to limit themselves by using no guns, Gladd also went on to mention that they didn’t use any of the relics to damage enemies or for any unnecessary offensive advantage. For example, the relic in Vault of Glass was only used to cleanse and not damage enemies or oracles, while Crota’s sword was only used to attack Crota, and Aksis cannons were only used to kill servitors, and not to damage Aksis or other enemies.

Bearing all of this in mind, GladHeAteHer182 and his crew's playthrough must be seen to be believed, as the Guardians have certainly set the bar quite high for anyone else who is attempting to become Legend. Of course, with the squad having gone to such extremes to make the experience as difficult as possible, it's obvious that they and other Destiny fans have come close to exhausting all that can be done in the current iteration of the action-RPG. With this being the case, it's unquestionable that the community is hyped for the release of Destiny 2, as GameStop has already said its pre-order sales numbers are "amazing."

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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