Destiny: Vault of Glass Raid Beat By 3-Player Team

Destiny Beat by 3 Player Team


Well before players were beating it in 2 hours and then in a staggering 37 minutes, Bungie had set the expectation that Destiny's Vault of Glass Raid was going to be hard. As they explained, the Raid would not include matchmaking because the experience required so much cooperation and teamwork that only a collection of 6 friends would be able to tackle it. And even then it wouldn't be easy.

Well, throw all that out the window because a 3-player team has now beaten the Vault of Glass Raid. What's more this team barely struggled with the Raid, and were able to complete it in less than 2 hours.

As readers can see in the video above (apologies for the quality), this 3-player Guardian team is comprised of Raid veterans. They have to be, though, as a lot of the experience requires that a single player carry the weight of at least two or three. Also, it helps that the team has a Hunter, who can use the Golden Gun Super and a Warlock on the other side of the portal to self resurrect.

However, those who might be looking for tips on how to tackle the Raid with fewer players will glean very little from the video. Not only are these players clearly Raid veterans, but also the Guardian that we follow has the Vex Mythoclast, one of the best weapons in Destiny.

Destiny Beat by 3 Player Team

So, while the average Destiny Guardian may not be able to take down the Vault of Glass with less than 6 players, we know it's possible. Moreover, this feat lends credence to the theory that the Raid should support matchmaking. Once players get familiar with the experience it's not too difficult to make it through with strangers…strangers with mics, that is.

In fact, Bungie has teased the potential for Raid and Weekly Strike matchmaking, but they have nothing official to announce. Hopefully this video, and others like it, will convince them that the Vault of Glass isn't as difficult once players understand how the experience works.

As far as future Raids, we don't know much. The recent Destiny leak suggests there are at least two more on the way, likely tied to the two upcoming DLC expansions, but Bungie has yet to say whether any free ones are coming. Once a new one does arrive, though, it's only a matter of time before another 3-person team cracks it.

Have you tried to tackle the Vault of Glass Raid with less than a 6-player group? What's your best run in the Raid?


Source: The Legend Himself

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