Destiny's New Raid Beat in 23 Minutes for World Record


A team of Guardians take on Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine raid and beat it in just over 23 minutes to set a new world record for its completion.

As was to be expected when Destiny: Rise of Iron released a few weeks ago, many Guardians from the action-RPG's community quickly pounced at the chance to become a part of the initial Fireteam to complete its Wrath of the Machine raid when it launched. Of course, it wasn't long before a World First was crowned, as Team Redeem was the group able to finish the task before anyone else, which then opened up the doors to the challenge to see how fast the raid could be tackled.

Plenty of Destiny fans have risen to the occasion, but now the Redditor known as GladHeAteHer182 and his Fireteam, have set a new speedrun world record for the Wrath of the Machine raid's completion rate at 23 minutes and 20 seconds. While many would consider the playthrough to be blazing fast, it's interesting to note that the Redditor has stated that it's a "pretty good time for the current implemented strategies" and that "a time closer to 22 minutes may be possible."

As seen in the video courtesy of YouTuber Sean Gallagher's channel below, the Guardians waste no time in plowing through Wrath of the Machine, taking out Vosik, the Death Zamboni, and Aksis with ease. It's safe to say, though, that GladHeAteHer182 and his team have practiced their strategies multiple times beforehand, which has assuredly aided them in their quest to reach the world record playthrough for Destiny: Rise of Iron's raid.


Although GladHeAteHer182 and his squad of Guardians now hold the impressive world record speedrun for Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine, some might be more enamored by other players' abilities to defeat the raid with less than the recommended number of players. As a matter of fact, a three-man Fireteam just recently had a flawless run through Wrath of the Machine without getting killed once, all while one player's controller battery kept dying.

Recently, Bungie revealed Destiny: Rise of Iron's raid's hard mode release date, which is set for next week, as it ought to provide the aforementioned Guardians and the community at large with an even bigger challenge when it comes to beating Wrath of the Machine. Naturally, once the Heroic Mode comes out, we ought to see even more magnificent feats of strength and speed from some of Destiny's most skilled players in the coming months.

Should there be Destiny fans out there who are still trying to prepare for Rise of Iron's Heroic Mode before it drops, they can handily hit the Light Level 385 soft cap with our guide. While it may not assist Guardians in pulling off a potent speedrun similar to GladHeAteHer182's and his squad's, it will definitely help players get the job done if they have enough determination.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Sean Gallagher — YouTube (via Reddit)

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