Destiny: Vault of Glass Raid Beaten By Just 2 Players

Now this is just getting ridiculous. Although there was a time when Destiny's first grueling Raid, The Vault of Glass was taxing enough to make a 2-hour completion time impressive - soon blown to bits by a still-staggering speed run of 37 minutes - players have shown that in the world of the Guardians, nothing lasts long. Especially now that the raid has been completed in just over an hour by a team of two Guardians.

The culprits are members of the group known as 'The Legend Himself'; the same team that previously completed the Vault of Glass with only 3 team members. Apparently that task just wasn't challenging enough, as the team soon managed to beat the raid down another member. For those wondering how it was accomplished, it's worth pointing out that a third member did join in order to unlock the Labyrinth section properly, but it's just the two-man team actually getting the job done.

It's surprising to see just what's quickly becoming possible in the world of Destiny, as more and more players continue to chart each and every nook and cranny of the game's map and mechanics. While there may not be 'honor' in exploiting the game's many 'loot caves' (or most recently 'loot staircases') to simply grind one's way up the progression and loot ladder, the number of players managing to find and debunk strange strategies, or even break their way into upcoming DLC environments is genuinely impressive.

Destiny Beat by 3 Player Team

And even if some may take issue with Destiny's final product, there's no denying that Bungie has struck their target audience with precision. That being said, the fact that the players required to actually beat the Vault of Glass (in terms of skill, not access restrictions) is limited to just two raises even more questions about the developer's reasons for not supporting matchmaking. It was claimed prior to the launch of the game's first Raid that the amount of teamwork and difficulty was so demanding, only coordinated groups of friends could hope to succeed. But clearly, that isn't the whole story.

There's no doubt Bungie is paying attention to just what feats their players are managing to accomplish, so hopefully these impressive performances will convince the studio to implement matchmaking - as opposed to simply raising the Raid difficulty even higher.

Those players motivated by this two-player team's combat prowess (and strategies) can try their own skills during the ongoing Iron Banner Event, taking place in the game's Crucible from October 7-14, 2014. Do you see these records for completing raids being shattered as a good sign of just how much skill and loot can change the battlefield, or do you have concerns that Destiny may be too easy off the bat?

Source: The Legend Himself

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