Destiny Team Helps Kid With Autism Complete First Raid

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While Destiny the game has been a mixed bag for players since its release almost three years ago, the community surrounding the game has shown itself to be one of the most devoted. On top of that, Destiny players continuously impress by showing just how inclusive the community can be. Case in point: a Destiny fireteam that helped a young boy with autism get through his first raid and challenge mode.

Destiny clans that help players get through raids is nothing new in the community, but helping someone get through their first raid is always worth highlighting. Raids are easily a highlight of the Destiny experience, and getting through that first one is sure to stick with any player no matter if it was during week 1 or year 3. And the fact that this group went above and beyond only sweetens the experience even more.

In this case, members of the clan Lords of YOLO helped a 12-year-old boy with autism complete his first raid and challenge mode, which this week is Crota's End. That means the team took on the Ir Yut and Crota challenges, in an effort to claim new elemental exotic primary weapons.

Watch the full run, courtesy of The Ninja Rockstar, below:

A lot has been said about Destiny the game as well as its community, but all that negativity washes away watching a video like this. Hearing the boy’s excitement over having completed the raid and collecting challenge mode loot shows just how special an experience Destiny can be for certain players.

This isn’t an anomaly either; we’ve seen other Destiny players try to help others accomplish difficult feats. For example, Twitch streamer RealKraftyy helped a young boy get to the Lighthouse in Trials of Osiris. And another streamer, Dr Lupo, granted a terminally ill Destiny fan’s wish by helping him go flawless in Trials.


There are countless examples of how gaming communities can rally together and show their inclusiveness instead of their elitism. Obviously, those times when the community is overtly negative tend to draw more headlines, but more attention should be paid to the positive members of gaming communities as well. People like The Ninja Rockstar and his clanmates, who did something they didn’t need to do and made a young boy’s day.

Destiny is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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