Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Boss Beat By Only Two Players


Using expert tactics and communication, two players successfully take down Destiny: Rise of Iron's new raid boss, Aksis Archon Prime, in under 15 minutes.

While some Destiny players are still working toward a high enough light level to take on the new Destiny: Rise of Iron raid, others have not only beat the Wrath of the Machine raid multiple times, but are already finding new ways to do it. In classic Destiny style, players are working hard to see just how few players they need to defeat the Destiny: Rise of Iron raid’s final boss, Aksis Archon Prime.

Based on a new impressive gameplay video from clan The Legend Himself, two players, Epicookiez and scSlayerage, worked together expertly to drop Aksis in under 15 minutes. The full effort can be seen in the video below, and is definitely worth a watch.

Since the first Destiny raid launched two years ago, Guardians have been searching out new and exciting ways to complete the epic missions. From players soloing Crota’s End, to Guardians driving their sparrows through the entirety of Vault of Glass, there seems to be no end to the creative methods players use to complete Destiny’s raids.


As for Wrath of the Machine, it was only a matter of time before players started ditching fireteam members in an effort to beat the raid with as few Guardians as possible. Players have successfully completed the raid with four and three man teams, but it looks like this is the first two-man team to do it.

Naturally, those able to complete such a feat are Destiny veterans and very well equipped to handle the experience. While it isn’t known exactly how many attempts it took for the players in the video to complete the raid, the video description says the duo spent 50 minutes practicing to get the tactics down, along with running the boss with a three-man team.

Those interested in attempting a two-person takedown of Aksis should definitely pay close attention to the tactics and communication of the group in the video. The duo knew exactly where each other would be and what their roles were, along with where the enemies would spawn and the order needed to defeat them quickly.


We’ll also note that the two players who completed the raid together were 383 and 380 light level, meaning both were extremely well geared for the attempt. Those hoping to follow in their footsteps will likely need to also be at or near the current light level cap.

What do you think about the two-man takedown of Aksis? What other unique feats do you expect to see in Destiny: Rise of Iron?

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

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