Destiny Raid's Aksis Challenge Mode Goes Live Next Week


The second and final Challenge Mode of Destiny's Wrath of the Machine will launch next week, tasking players to figure out and conquer the Aksis boss fight in a new way.

This week, Destiny fans were taken by surprise when developer Bungie flipped the switch and activated the first of the Wrath of the Machine raid’s Challenge Modes. The Vosik Challenge has been beaten, and now the Aksis Challenge is next.

Bungie announced today in its weekly blog that the Asksis Challenge Mode will go live in Destiny next week. The Vosik Challenge went live at 10 a.m. Pacific time on reset day. However, in the game's first Challenge Modes initially introduced in the King’s Fall raid they went live at reset. Bungie was not specific about when the Aksis Challenge will be active, but it is likely to be either the weekly reset or eight hours later at the usual 10 a.m. time when Bungie will make changes to the game.

As usual, Bungie is keeping the details of the Aksis Challenge a secret. Nevertheless, the studio did confirm that it is the only other Challenge Mode in Wrath of the Machine:


There is one other boss encounter in Wrath of the Machine, the Siege Engine, but it is not getting a Challenge Mode. Instead, it has its own special challenge in the Rise of Iron Record Book, which is clearing the section in less than five minutes on Heroic Mode.

The Vosik Challenge tasks players with activating the safe rooms with SIVA Charges and using up all four rooms (two each round) before taking out Vosik. No one knows for sure what the Aksis Challenge will ask of players, but some are speculating that it will have something to do with the Supercharging mechanic in the Aksis room.


That mechanic is still unknown to players because it is completely unnecessary to defeat Aksis on both Normal and Heroic difficulties of the raid. It’s a good theory since Bungie designed it as part of that encounter, but we won’t know for sure until Tuesday once fans are able to unravel its mysteries and overcome the newest Challenge Mode.

On the PvP side, Bungie is bringing back Iron Banner next Tuesday. So, there should be plenty for fans to do on both sides of the spectrum next week.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Bungie

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