Destiny Team Beats Wrath of the Machine Raid With Only 3 Players


The Legend Himself clan continues to live up to the title, this time beating Destiny Rise of Iron's brand new Wrath of the Machine raid with only three people.

Most Destiny players have likely heard of sc Slayerage’s accomplishments, but few know his name. At the pinnacle of the community are a group of players who run challenges for fun – like soloing raids, speed running Strikes, etc. – and perhaps a little Internet fame. In the world of Destiny, sc Slayerage is one of the kings.

Most know sc Slayerage for the clan he heads up, The Legend Himself, and the numerous solo and challenge runs the small group of Destiny players have completed. They were the first to two-man various phases of the Vault of Glass and eventually solo Crota’s End in a number of ways. Now, The Legend Himself has outdone itself.

Less than 24 hours since the launch of the Wrath of the Machine raid, The Legend Himself has successfully three-manned the entire endgame activity. Yes, while some Destiny players are still struggling to take down the final boss for the first time, others are beating the raid with their metaphorical hands tied behind their back.

The obvious question is how sc Slayerage and his clan mates did it, and the answer is a combination of damage buffs and boss debuffs. With two Nightstalker Hunter tethers and one Defender Titan’s Weapons of Light bubble, the three-man team was able to fell most of the bosses, including the big bad Aksis, with almost no problem.

However, many might be still asking how The Legend Himself pulled off the feat. Like much of King’s Fall, Wrath of the Machine is built in such a way that fireteams need to be full in order to succeed. Different roles, lockouts from certain roles, and tasks in different areas should all seemingly require the 6-player fireteam, and yet The Legend Himself did it with half that.

The strategy changed from encounter to encounter, but the one Titan and two Hunter team composition stayed the same. Check out the full 3-man run starting at the 2:02:00 mark:


We’re sure plenty of players are feeling a number of emotions after hearing that the Wrath of the Machine’s final boss can be completed with only three players. On the one hand the feat says a lot about The Legend Himself and the resilience and creativity of the clan. At the same time, it also will likely make players question Bungie for designing a raid that can be beat so easily within such a short time after its launch.

Nevertheless, the focus for most players right now is completing the raid and finding every secret it holds. For more on that make sure to check back with Game Rant throughout the week.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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