Will ‘Destiny’ Bring Back the Queen’s Wrath Event?

By | 2 years ago 

While Bungie continues to tease Destiny players about the upcoming expansion, House of Wolves, players continue to search for early clues about the DLC’s content. A few months ago, players discovered a glitch that opened up some previously closed areas they believe will be included in House of Wolves. Other gamers unearthed some leaked weapons and armor that may be available to Guardians when the DLC releases.

Now, it looks like another leak has surfaced that hints at the return of Queen’s Wrath to Destiny. Reddit user THConer discovered some clues in Destiny‘s game files, including new bounties with the Queen’s Wrath icon.

Those who played Destiny in its first month may remember the Queen’s Emissary visiting Destiny‘s Tower and offering players unique bounties, weapons, and armor. However, unlike Iron Banner, Queen’s Wrath only made on appearance in the game, before disappearing without a hint of returning.

The new bounties reveal a new strike and new missions. While it doesn’t show new armor or weapons, we assume those will also be available when the Queen’s Emissary once again visits the Tower.

Queens Wrath New Bounty

Due to the low-level armor and weapons obtained from the Queen’s Emissary during her first visit, we wouldn’t fault anyone who forgot about the whole experience. Bungie even admitted that the Queen’s Wrath didn’t quite play out as well as they hoped, and opted instead to focus on special events like Iron Banner, as well as the Dark Below expansion.

Now, with House of Wolves launching next month (most likely), it’s quite possible Bungie has updated the Queen’s Wrath extension to be more useful and engaging. Hopefully the Queen’s Emissary will offer better items and more enhanced bounties beyond what THConer already discovered.

We assume House of Wolves will likely come with its own special Tower visitor, much like Dark Below introduced the ever-present Eris Morn. We expect a House of Wolves visitor will offer both expansion-specific and generic bounties that players can complete for a shot at new and upgraded gear.

Queens Emissary

With that in mind, we assume the Queen’s Wrath will remain a temporary event, if it does indeed return to Destiny. We also expect that Eris Morn will maintain her place on the Tower, and Iron Banner will continue making regular appearances. That will mean the Tower has two permanent extras, plus two occasional visitors. If that’s the case, the Tower will finally start to fill out enough for players to have a full range of available experiences.

In the end, we would like to see Queen’s Wrath come back to Destiny, but only if it proves to be more fun and useful than it was before.

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Source: Reddit