Destiny: 'The Queen's Wrath' Event Begins; Secret 'Black Garden' Area Found

Destiny Queen's Wrath Header

The idea of regular content drops for Destiny was something that Bungie were quick to bring up ahead of the game's release, and with today's launch of 'The Queen's Wrath', we're starting to get a better idea of what that means.

While we've seen multiplayer playlists like 'Salvage' and 'Combined Arms' run over the past few weekends, The Queen's Wrath is the first chunk of single player content added post-launch, for free. When you next visit the Tower, you'll notice that the large door directly in front of you has been opened; go through it to find the Queen's emissary, Petra.

Petra has shaders, gear and emblems for your to purchase — but you'll need to raise your rank by garnering the Queen's favor, much in the same way you would for one of the three factions in the game. The Bounty Tracker has new Queen-specific bounties with which to do so, mostly centered around scoring headshots and killing Fallen enemies.

Destiny Parody Account Legendary Engrams

Completing one of these bounties gives you the opportunity to complete a mission for the Queen, and doing that rewards you with a piece of legendary gear. The thought of a guaranteed legendary will no doubt be very compelling to players who have found themselves at the mercy of the Cryptarch trying to increase their light level or are bored of grinding to build up Vanguard, Crucible or faction reputation levels.

A lack of content is something reviewers have taken issue with when discussing Destiny. Today's additions aren't meant to turn around this debate completely - it's a small content drop, at the end of the day - but it's an encouraging sign that there will be a steady flow of new bits and pieces for single-player as well as multiplayer modes.

There's more of Destiny on the way - and perhaps more in the game already than we've seen thus far. The video above, posted yesterday by IGN, shows a huge area accessible via a window in 'The Black Garden'. It's not yet known whether it serves any purpose or if it's simply a leftover space from the development of the game, but it's a neat little patch for explorers to have a wander round.

That being said, it's 'The Queen's Wrath' that will perhaps be taking up most of Destiny players' time for the next couple of weeks. If you've had the chance to play through some of this new content, do share your thoughts on it in the comments sections below.

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