‘Destiny’ Adds New Bounties & Prison of Elders Rewards With New Update

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With just a few days until Destiny sees the arrival of its second major DLC expansion, House of Wolves, players are slowly returning to Bungie’s well for new content. Many are spending their time in Destiny preparing for the new cooperative and competitive modes – read our guide for how to prepare for Trials of Osiris – but they may find some new experiences have arrived ahead of House of Wolves release on Tuesday.

More specifically, Destiny has welcomed the return of Petra Venj, the Queen’s Wrath quest giver, who has once again taken residence in the Tower. However, while Queen’s Wrath 1.0 didn’t go over so well with players, this second go-round promises to be something a little different.

As players will see once they visit Petra, she has a new set of Destiny bounties geared towards finding and executing specific House of Wolves targets. A new enemy target unlocks every day and they can be found in certain areas on Earth and Venus (so far). All players need do is load up a patrol on those planets and wait for the enemies to appear; it’s basically like a public event, only with stronger enemies and a final “boss.”

After completing the new House of Wolves bounty, players will then see a 1:30 timer appear on-screen. This timer correlates to an Ether Chest that will spawn in a random location somewhere within that specific area. It’s a little difficult to find the chest amongst the environment, but Bungie was kind enough to attach a small glowing beacon to it, so at least players will have some idea when they’ve found the right chest. Watch the video above to see how that whole scenario plays out.

Destiny How to Find Ether Key

Now, in most cases, when a Destiny player opens the Ether Chest they will find a couple engrams and maybe a synthesis or materials, but there are a few out there that have Treasure Keys. Bungie isn’t saying just yet what exactly these Treasure Keys do or unlock, but we know that they are tied to the Prison of Elders, and are said to unlock new rewards for players.

Not every Ether Chest contains a Treasure Key, though, so players will likely have to farm a few before they actually find one. In fact, if players are fast enough there is a way to open the Ether Chest twice. All one needs do is travel outside of that specific area, until the HUD identifies the new location, and then travel back to the chest. Reloading the area should give players a chance to open the chest again.

But while Destiny players may not be able to benefit from this farming just yet, picking up a few Treasure Keys ahead of time can’t hurt. Those Queen’s Wrath bounties also build up reputation with Petra Venj, which we assume will unlock useful gear at higher levels.

The Destiny dinner bell is calling; it’s time for players to return!

Have you opened any Ether Chests? Were you lucky enough to find a Treasure Key?

Destiny – House of Wolves releases May 19, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.