After receiving angry messages from players he’d just defeated in Trials of Osiris, one Destiny streamer chooses to be the bigger person and gives them a helping hand.

Trolls and haters are a part of every online PvP game, but how a gamer chooses to handle them is another matter. One Destiny streamer dealing with haters decided to do something few do: he responded with kindness.

Destiny streamer Luminosity was running the Trials of Osiris when he came under fire by the members of the team he’d just beaten. After beating them at the Trials, they players harassed him with messages, accusing him of cheating and having bonus health because he was a streamer. While Luminosity initially laughed it off, one of the players eventually joined a voice chat with him and continued to barrage him with bitterness, until Luminosity offered to help two of the haters to go flawless on Trials of Osiris.

After some initial hesitation and concern that Luminosity was trying to trick them, the player agreed, and Luminosity made good on his promise. It’s quite reasonable that the players were hesitant- in the past, Destiny trolls that have offered to help others have instead gone so far as to delete their Guardians and inventory completely. Luminosity explained his reasoning, noting that he imagined that these players had probably been struggling to go Flawless for a long time in an effort to access the Lighthouse. He’s probably correct in this assessment, as Bungie previously released a statistic revealing that only 16% of Destiny‘s players made it to the Lighthouse.

Whether gamers are actively being crushed under the heel of a better-equipped or higher-leveled player or doing the crushing themselves, trolling is rampant in online games. Players of many multiplayer and PvP games have made names for themselves by purposefully making the lives of other players hell. Some of these players have been creative and humorous in their trolling, while others have been downright hateful. For example, one player in Dark Souls 3 recently decided to troll other players by masquerading as NPC Unbreakable Patches and setting up traps in their game during invasions. However, other gamers have purposefully been malicious, with so-called pranks including kicking The Division players out of an Incursion party, depriving them of their rightful loot.

Nobody wants to lose, and it’s pretty understandable that these two players were furious at having their attempt at flawless ruined (and publicly aired) by a well-known and skilled Destiny streamer. Luminosity’s actions deserve considerable praise, though – it would have been acceptable for him to simply ignore the losing team, and he didn’t take advantage of the situation by trolling them further.

Guardians, have you ever experienced anything like this? Ever made a friend of another player who initially hated your guts? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube