A new fan-made tool allows Destiny players to see a statistic breakdown of how they play PvP, including what weapon classes and abilities they favor in the Crucible.

When it comes to Destiny, are you a shotgun warrior? Or a twitch sniper who can drag scope with the best of them? A Destiny fan has put together a new tool that lets anyone who plays Destiny the ability to see a graphical representation of how they play PvP.

Simply titled Destiny Data, the tool can be found here. Players will need to enter in their PSN ID or Xbox gamertag, and the site will generate data and graphs showing them percentages of their overall kills gained by each class of weapons, melee, grenades and super. The site will also show which class of weapons players favor in their primary, special, and heavy weapon slots.

There’s also the ability to compare up to three Destiny players at a time. So for those who want to see how they stack up against PvP pros like tripleWRECK, they can do that.destiny data pvp stats

The creator of the site goes by dawnington on Reddit, and says that he or she is “learning programming” so the tool is pretty basic, but has been getting a lot of feedback since the site started spreading through the Destiny community. Dawnington plans on adding more features in the future, including being able to sort stats by time period.

Fans can use the tool to learn about their own style of play, to compare themselves to streamers or other top players they follow, and it could even be used as another source of information about any competitors players may come across in PvP, especially in playlists like Trials of Osiris.

Speaking of PvP, it should be easier to play in the Crucible now with fewer connection errors, as the game was plagued with them earlier in the week after the latest update came to Destiny. Since that update, Bungie issued a hot fix to correct the issues.

PvP continues to be a strong part of Destiny, as fans are spending a good amount of time in the Crucible as they wait for Destiny‘s next expansion coming this fall, Rise of Iron. Bungie just revealed yesterday that in Rise of Iron, class items will once again be affected by shaders, which should make many players happy.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will launch September 20th on PS4 and Xbox One.

Have you looked up your Destiny stats using this new site? Did you notice anything interesting about how you play PvP? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Destiny PvP App