Destiny 2 is going to snip off a little bit of the chaos of the original Destiny’s PvP mode. In Destiny 2, PvP in The Crucible will be limited to matches of 4-versus-4, reduced from the original game’s 6-versus-6. These changes to the PvP game mode were explained by Lars Bakken, the lead designer on The Crucible, who said of the first game’s PvP, “I was never happy with what we created and I always wanted to make something better and so it was easy for us to talk about how can we make this better.”

Regarding the Destiny 2 PvP experience when compared to the original, Bakken said, “This experience is going to be way more understandable, way more consistent, way more learnable than anything we’ve done in the past.” The issue with 6-versus-6 in Destiny, as Bakken puts it, is that the complexity of the heroes made it hard for players to know what might happen in a fight, since all the special powers each hero could have made for an unpredictable fight. Trimming down to 4-versus-4 is intended to shift the focus onto teamwork and to help players have an easier time understanding the abilities of their opponents.

destiny 2 pvp match start
Online multiplayer games can be chaotic enough without factoring in loads of unique abilities. For new players, it can be frustrating to get the drop on an opponent only for them to turn around and kill you with some ability one has never seen before. The reduction of players in Destiny 2’s PvP should help with this learning curve, but this isn’t the only change to multiplayer in Destiny 2.

There are other quality-of-life changes coming to the Crucible as well, such as the ability to mantle up a ledge when a jump doesn’t quite make it, and some changes to improve sound in PvP for better situational awareness. The reduction of players will definitely have a big impact, especially as Bakken says it is allowing the developers to focus all their maps and modes on the 4-versus-4 experience.

There will likely be a downside to this change, though. Players who formed 6-person squads during the days of the original Destiny won’t be able to hit the Crucible together, nor will 6-person squads going from Destiny 2’s PvE to PvP. In either case, players are going to have to sit out or switch sides. Bungie’s change might be overall beneficial, but it’s impossible to make everyone happy.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 on PC.

Source: Daily Star