A Destiny player creatively takes down one of this week’s Nightfall strike bosses solo, sending a Psion Flayer flying off the map with just one shot.

Every week in Destiny, many of the activities reset. One of which is the Weekly Nightfall Strike, which is a high level, non-matchmade strike that gives higher level loot as a reward. This week’s Nightfall is The Dust Palace Strike, a strike that ends with an encounter against three Cabal Psion Flayers, each of a different damage archetype.

Normally, these bosses each take a while to damage and kill. But one Destiny player has discovered a way to comically take down one of the Psion Flayers in just one shot. The Reddit user known as destinytemp24 does this by moving all the exploding barrels in the boss room and setting them up right where the doomed Psion Flayer spawns.

Once the boss spawns in, one shot sets off a chain reaction of the barrels, taking down a quarter of the Psion Flayer’s health, but more importantly sends the enemy careening off the map.

There’s no telling how long it took to move every exploding barrel over to the one spot on the map, and even if a player takes down this one Psion Flayer, there are two others to deal with before the strike ends. Even so, it’s definitely an effective—and humorous—way to take out one of the strike bosses.

Destiny Psion Flayer One Shot

The maneuver harkens back to Destiny‘s first raid, The Vault of Glass, when players could knock the final boss, Atheon, off of his platform without having to actually taking down his health. That exploit was later patched by Bungie, when they installed what was dubbed “baby bumpers” to his platform to keep him from falling off. The exploit has become a running joke, with Bungie even making a jab at it during a Festival of the Lost quest step that required players to jump off the Tower with an Atheon mask equipped.

During this Destiny content drought, fans are finding new ways to experiment and challenge themselves in the game, resulting in stunts like a player crossing the King’s Fall jumping puzzle without touching any ships. Until the drought abates, chances are players will continue to come up with amusing and creative ways to play the game the way it wasn’t meant to be played.

What do you think of this way to take out the Psion Flayer? Will you try it in Destiny yourself?

Source: Destiny Reddit