Destiny: Bungie Working On PS4 Sign-In Issues & Ammo Synthesis Problems

Destiny (Bungie) Server Error (Cattle)

It's no secret that obtaining the best gear and defeating the biggest, baddest bosses in any MMO requires spending a lot of time in-game. Destiny doesn't require quite as much grinding to reach max level as something like World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic, but the first-person MMO does still require dedication and time commitment (read: grinding) from players who want to achieve greatness. As some PS4 users are learning today, logging in to do daily quests and hunt down gear upgrades is pretty tough when the game's servers are experiencing problems...

Although there was one successful hacker attack on the Destiny servers last month, the game launched relatively smoothly in comparison to other always online projects (such as Diablo 3 or SimCity). After the PS4 Destiny community spoke out about new sign-in issues late last night and early this morning, Bungie took to Twitter to explain that the studio is on the case.

No details have been released about the cause of the sign-in errors, but it seems possible that the issue is related to today's PS4 system update. The 2.0 software introduces Share Play and a number of other new features, and could have interfered with the game's sing-in process. Destiny also recently received a patch to remove an exploit in its Vault of Glass raid mission, so that could have throw things off, as well.


While addressing problems with Destiny on Twitter, Bungie also mentioned the non-console specific problem with ammo synthesis packs. The special ammo packs aren't working for some unlucky players and Bungie offered the following advice to that frustrated minority:

  • Make sure your consumable inventory isn't full, as "sitting on" many Ammo Synthesis stacks may have to do with the issue.
  • If your consumable inventory is looking full, place some Ammo Synthesis stacks in your Vault to help prevent the above-mentioned issue.

Although PS4 users are likely very frustrated this morning, a commonplace reality for a large chunk of the community if you've been watching the forums and reading feedback, Destiny has had a very strong run so far in comparison to other always online games. Hopefully, a fix is implemented quickly and the game keeps its mostly untarnished service record.

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Bungie has yet to announce plans to fix either problem, but we know that the studio is working on both. Check back for status updates and we'll let you know when a fix is in place.

Are you experiencing login issues in Destiny today? Are your ammo synthesis stacks falling victim to the bug? Let us know in the comments.


Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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