‘Destiny’: Here is the Prison of Elders Treasure Room

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After months of talk, it’s finally here: Destiny’s second expansion pack, House of Wolves, arrives today, bringing with it tons of new single player and multiplayer content, as well as one of the most ostentatious treasure rooms in video game history.

After successfully completing the Prison of EldersHouse of Wolves’ new hoard-mode-like multiplayer offering – a hatch lets players into the treasure room, which YouTube user Arekkz accurately describes as “Duck Tales meets Destiny.” Inside the room, players will find three chests: two small ones, which contain motes of light and materials, and a large one, which is packed full of loot – and requires a treasure key to open.

There are two ways to earn treasure keys. Keys drop at the end of the Prison of Elders, but players will only receive one key a week for each of the Prison’s difficulty levels. Keys can also be earned by finishing Queen’s Bounties and hunting down an Ether Chest before the timer runs out. However, only one treasure key can be used per visit to the treasure room; players who want to use more than one key will have to run through the Prison of Elders multiple times.

Destiny House of Wolves Treasure Room

Arekkz encourages players who are planning on picking up a key via a Prison of Elders run to make sure that they have an open inventory slot; there’s no way to get from keys the post office (which is where they’re sent when player’s inventories are full) before access to the treasure room closes. Anyone who has to pick up the treasure key later will need to run through the Prison of Elders again before they can claim their rewards.

Arekkz also notes that, once the primary chest is opened, a countdown timer starts. If players want to explore the treasure room, they should wait before checking out their new gear. Other than the chests, it’s not clear that the treasure room really offers players that much to do, although the location itself seems fun enough in a ridiculous, over-the-top way.

In his visit to the treasure room, Arekkz received a mix of new and returning gear, including a Queen’s Wrath machine gun, the Last Word exotic Hand Cannon, the Prison of Elders Class item, and an armor core – which he traded to Variks in the Reef, House of Wolves’ new social space, for his first piece of Prison of Elders gear.

Source: Arekkz Gaming (via VG24/7)