Destiny: The One Major Problem with Prison of Elders

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Yesterday saw the hotly anticipated release of House of Wolves, the second planned expansion for Destiny, and fans seem very satisfied with the new content and mechanics that it adds to the divisive title — but the package contains one flaw that players are already petitioning Bungie to amend.

One of the most exciting bits of content added with House of Wolves is the Prison of Elders, a co-operative challenge similar to Horde mode in Gears of War or Firefight from the Halo series. Basically, you and two friends are faced with waves of enemies, with the twist here being that a good showing will snag some loot as a reward.

Completing the Prison of Elders will grant Guardians access to a treasure room worthy of Scrooge McDuck himself, with gold covering much of the floor and chests waiting to be opened. However, some players are reporting that it can be more difficult than it should be to claim that treasure in time.

One Reddit poster claims to have died on his way to the chests, only for a team-mate to claim his reward and begin the end of mission countdown — the poster didn’t have chance to respawn before the timer ended, so there was no opportunity to grab any of the loot on offer. On lower difficulties, players can respawn fairly quickly, but the higher difficulties carry greater timers – even after Destiny players have beaten the last Prison of Elders boss

Destiny House of Wolves Treasure Room

Another post on Reddit describes a Guardian respawning back in the boss room, with no way to get back to the treasure at the end of the challenge. Even dropping to orbit didn’t fix the issue, and the player’s story progress was rolled back to the last mission of the expansion.

While it’s a shame that such a bug is marring a content drop that’s otherwise being praised quite highly, it seems likely that Bungie will provide a fix sooner rather than later. If there’s one thing that we’ve seen from the studio in the first several months of Destiny, it’s that it can listen to fans when problems arise.

Still, for the time being it’s advisable to be as careful as possible when heading down to the treasure room at the end of the Prison of Elders — missing out on new gear and weapons can be a frustrating experience. Stay tuned to Game Rant for all the latest news and strategy guides to help you get the most out of House of Wolves.

Destiny and the House of Wolves expansion are available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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