‘Destiny’ Players Beat Prison of Elders Level 35 Boss Using Only Punches

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When fans have exhausted all of the potential content a game has to offer, and they still crave another play-through of the title, those gamers often concoct challenges for themselves involving incredibly limiting stipulations. For instance, after one player finished Dark Souls for the umpteenth time, he turned around and beat the game using a Rock Band guitar instead of a standard controller. Plus, there are some games that include their own near-impossible feats for fans to complete, such as the Fallout series’ achievement for players to finish the main quest without killing anyone.

Destiny, as many fans will attest, also has its fair share of demanding trials that can be found throughout the game’s myriad quests. However, as shown in the YouTube video posted above, there are a few Destiny players who have decided to up the ante even further in Prison of Elders by forcing themselves to beat Skolas, the expansion’s Level 35 boss, using only melee attacks.

Playing the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny, the three Guardians, gonzalimes, Handyman_SP, and gonzi_the_fox, take on the seemingly Sisyphean task of punching Skolas to death with aplomb, as the battle only is surprisingly brief, lasting less than 15 minutes. By remaining grouped together for the most part and by keeping their distance from the treacherous Kell until all three could strike simultaneously, the players perfectly time the use of multiple protective shields in order to take out the Servitors linked to Skolas, avoid shots from his deadly Scorch Cannon, and afford them several moments of fisticuffs.

'Destiny' Players Beat Prison of Elders Level 35 Boss Using Only Punches

Saying that these gamers are skilled is an understatement, because even if the players in the video hadn’t chosen to set hand-to-hand parameters, the fight against Skolas still would have been plenty difficult. With that in mind, after the Prison of Elders boss falls due to one too many knuckle sandwiches, the Guardians celebrate in typical Destiny fashion with a well-deserved dance party.

Recently, some players of Bungie’s action RPG epic have opined that the battle against the Fallen Kell leader in Prison of Elders is too hard, so in a bid to appease the fans, the game developers introduced a patch that nerfs Skolas. However, by including the update, a lot of other Destiny gamers argued in turn that the campaign then became too easy.

Of course, it’s impossible to please everyone, so unfortunately, complaints within the gaming community about  the most trivial aspects of gameplay will likely never cease. In spite of that, Activision and Bungie’s upcoming The Taken King expansion for the game ought to unite Destiny fans even if only for the briefest of moments.

Destiny is available now for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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