‘Destiny’: Prison of Elders Level 35 Boss Skolas Will Get Easier Next Week

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Most gamers know not to expect very much in the way of updates to their favorite games in the days leading up to E3, as developers and publishers are hard at work prepping for the event. It’s usually not hard to wait, as there’s plenty of tantalizing news about new games, expansions, and sequels to tide gamers by.

However, while one developer is prepping to travel to E3 2015 themselves, they’re also not going to ignore their flagship title. Destiny fans will be pleased to know that a hot fix is on the way that will make one of the toughest fights in the game a little less punishing.

While some gamers have boasted being able to blast away the final level 35 Prison of Elders boss in merely 40 seconds, most gamers have had a tougher time with it. The latest Bungie Weekly Update acknowledges the excessive difficulty of the Destiny fight, and has offered some notes on upcoming changes to the Skolas boss encounter to make it easier.

A short interview with Creative Developer Christopher Barrett was included in the update, discussing how the development team feels about the boss encounter. He noted that while they’re generally happy with it, there are definitely some changes that need to be made, particularly to the elemental burns.

Level 35 Skolas Boss Fight Fallen

Destiny players can expect to see the following changes made to the Skolas fight:

  • New Modifier combos (Arc, Void, and Solar Burn will be removed)
  • Boss health will be reduced (to compensate for the lack of burn)
  • Minions will spawn at set, predictable health intervals
  • Minor adjustments will be made to the unit makeup of combatant waves

This update is expected to be delivered next week, during E3, in Destiny Hot Fix While some gamers have been using a strategy to get through the fight where every player equips a Gjallarhorn, the Bungie team is looking to solve the excessive burn problem so this strategy won’t be necessary. This fix continues Bungie’s mission to listen to their players and respond accordingly, as they’ve previously acknowledged the demand for a Destiny matchmaking feature, and improved the rate of Treasure Key drops in Prison of Elders.

In any case, this update should provide some satisfaction to gamers who’ve struggled with the Skolas fight. If you haven’t beaten it yet and want to give it one more try before the update next week, check out our Level 35 Prison of Elders Boss guide for some pointers.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie