Bungie gives Destiny fans a glimpse of what is coming in the weeks ahead for their developer Twitch streams, which will show off both old and new content.

Last week, Bungie showed off its new Twitch studio located inside the developer’s Bellevue, Washington studio. The Destiny developer promised to stream weekly from that room to communicate with and keep the community up to date with all things Destiny.

Today, Bungie gave an overview of the kind of content to expect in the weekly streams over the next month. The first stream will be next Wednesday, March 2nd, and will be a Ride Along of the Dreadnaught. A Ride Along is a stream that Bungie has done in the past, which features one or more designers from the Destiny dev team exploring the open Patrol spaces of the game.

Ride Alongs usually give a behind-the-scenes look at what went into designing the social space and can include interesting tidbits of lore or even what may have been left on the cutting room floor. Bungie has done a Ride Along for every Patrol destination, except for the one added in The Taken King expansion, the Dreadnaught:

Join us aboard the Dreadnaught for a continuation of a series in which we explore art and design – like a creative post-mortem in a combat zone. Senior Artist Andrew Hopps and Senior Designer Brian Frank will be our guides on a tour of Oryx’s inscrutable loot-filled fortress. Tune in to learn how we build destinations and fill them with action worthy of heroes.

Bungie didn’t date the rest of the streams, but gave some light details about what to expect. After the Dreadnaught Ride Along, Bungie will highlight their Audio Team:

Meet the team that makes beautiful music in Destiny. The Audio Team also creates the gunfire that rings in your ears and the explosions that ring out as a result. If you can hear it in game, they create it. They’ll share stories about every aspect of their creative process, from the sound effects to the dialogue to the anthems that score your adventures.

After that, Bungie will use their weekly stream to showcase another tradition, the Bungie Bounty which features Bungie employees or community leaders going into a PvP playlist for a set time. Anyone who can defeat them in the Crucible during that time receives a special in-game emblem. This time around the Bungie Bounty will be placed on members of a well-known clan in the Destiny community:

We’re putting a price on the heads of the leadership that has made Clan Resolute a recognizable force in the Destiny Community. For anyone who is a member of a Clan, or has been curious about joining one, this will be an interesting conversation about the teams that unite gamers in tactical excellence and friendship. And, of course, we’ll be playing the ultimate team activity in Destiny: Rift.

Destiny Hunter Dreadnaught

Finally, Bungie will lay out more details about their content plan for 2016, including the major Spring update that promises to be a larger addition to the game than live events like Festival of the Lost and Crimson Days.

Updates to the Content Roadmap we laid out a few weeks ago are also on the way. We’ll have more to say about that bespoke “update slated for Spring.” Designers will be front and center to unveil new details about a content release that will feature “a significant Light increase, a bunch of new gear to earn and equip, and new challenges for PvE players seeking some more fun experiences and replayability.”

If these streams follow week after week, the reveal of the Spring Update should land on March 29—definitely one to keep an eye open for.

Which of these Destiny developer streams are you most looking forward to?

Source: Bungie