Destiny Players Who Pre-Ordered Game on Amazon Are Unhappy


Various gamers that pre-ordered the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny through Amazon take to Reddit to report issues with receiving their Gjallarwing Sparrow code.

Ever since pre-order bonuses became big last generation, they have garnered a mixed response from gamers. Some believe that pre-order bonuses equate to developers restricting content from a finished game to those that aren't willing to buy it until the reviews come in, and others look at pre-order bonuses like fun extras for their new game. Regardless of how one feels about pre-order bonuses, if someone takes the time out of their day to pre-order a game, they expect to receive them, and it can be frustrating when that doesn't happen. And so is the case with those that pre-ordered the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny through Amazon.

Anyone that pre-ordered Rise of Iron for Destiny was to receive an Iron Gjallahorn and a Gjallarwing Sparrow as pre-order bonuses. Prior to launch, it was stated that these bonuses were not retailer-exclusive, yet there seems to be a large number of people who pre-ordered the game through Amazon that have never received the code to download their Gjallarwing Sparrow.

These individuals have reached out to Amazon customer support, with mixed results. Amazon customer support has told some of them that the Gjallarwing Sparrow was a GameStop-exclusive, whereas others have received their code shortly after their conversation with Amazon reps ended. Some gamers in the UK have been told that the Gjallarwing Sparrow is unavailable in the UK, though there are conflicting reports as to whether that is true or not.


Another gamer reported that Amazon customer service said that there was some sort of mix-up with Bungie, hence why many people haven't received their Gjallarwing Sparrow code, and the company is working with the Destiny developer to resolve the issues. However, with so much conflicting information about the situation, it's impossible to say what happened exactly at this time.

Besides this pre-order bonus fumble, the Rise of Iron launch has been somewhat rocky in other ways as well. For example, due to severe server overload, there were thousands of people that were unable to access the game at all when the new expansion released last Tuesday. Bungie has managed to get those issues ironed out since then, but still, anyone that took off work or school to play Rise of Iron on launch day couldn't have been very happy.

Once this situation with Amazon and Rise of Iron's pre-order bonuses is sorted out, it should be smooth sailing for Destiny fans. From what we can tell, there haven't been any other major issues with the expansion, so hopefully fans get their Gjallarwing codes soon, so that they can have it ready for the next Sparrow Racing League event.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit (via VG 24/7)

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