'Destiny' Trailer Highlights PlayStation Exclusive Items

Destiny PlayStation Exclusive Trailer


With a little less than two weeks until Destiny hits store shelves it's high time that gamers start making some tough decisions. While most have already used the recent Destiny beta test as a barometer for whether or not they will enjoy Bungie's new multiplayer-focused game, they may not be sold on which console version to pick up.

Hoping to sway potential Destiny players to their platform, Sony has released a new trailer focused on the PlayStation exclusive content for the game. We've detailed these exclusive items before, but this brief trailer shows each in action.

For those who may not know, the PlayStation versions of Destiny will include a few unique items that won't be available to Xbox gamers at launch. Those items include an exclusive map for the Crucible multiplayer (Destiny's version of competitive multiplayer), a special cooperative Strike mission, and a few unique weapons and armor sets.

Since Destiny is all about delivering an expansive world, the key items worth highlighting here are the Strike and multiplayer map. Yes, the armor and weapons are cool, but Bungie has led us to believe there will be plenty of unique loot to collect in the base game, many of which has been hand-crafted to make all your friends jealous.

Destiny PlayStation Exclusive Trailer

The Strike mission and multiplayer map, however, add content into the game - potentially hours of it. And given that players are still somewhat concerned that Destiny might be light on depth, we reckon they'll take any extra quests where possible.

These exclusive items are also the sole selling point for the PS3 and PS4 versions of Destiny; there will be no resolution disparity here. Microsoft has already come out to say they've worked with Bungie to get the game running at 1080p, and our experience with the beta on Xbox One showed no major differences from the PS4 version.

So, ultimately, the decision of which version of Destiny to purchase comes down to two things: how intriguing these exclusive items are and where your friends are playing. An extra hour or two of content is certainly a major pull, but considering Destiny is a very social, MMO-like experience, chances are gamers will go where their friends go. But, if they do happen to choose the PlayStation version, those players will get a little extra.

Which version of Destiny do you plan on buying? Do the PlayStation exclusive items hold any sway with you?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


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