Zen Meteor is a new exotic sniper rifle recently added to Destiny, and while it is mainly meant for PvE, it has proven to be very effective in the Crucible as well.

Destiny fans playing on PlayStation 3 and 4 have the ability to earn the Zen Meteor sniper rifle, if RNG is kind enough to grant it. The new exotic sniper, which arrived in the April Update, has a unique perk that tends to lend itself to delivering massive damage to high-tiered enemies and bosses, but Destiny fans have also taken the sniper into PvP for some interesting results.

The unique exotic perks of the weapon are called “Dynamite” and “With a Laser Beam” (an obvious nod to Queen’s song “Killer Queen”). These perks work together so that if every shot with the three rounds in the clip are each a kill, an extra round is granted which causes higher damage as well as a giant explosion.

Many Destiny YouTubers and streamers have challenged themselves to try to get the three rapid kills and finish with the explosive fourth round. Some have pulled it off, while others are still trying. But a great clip just surfaced from Twitch streamer Teawrex.

Was that a one-shot body shot kill with Zen Meteor? Yes, it was. However, this happened under specific circumstances. Teawrex is running a Defender Titan in Mayhem Clash (which grants Supers and abilities extremely quickly). As seen in the clip, he drops a bubble that was Weapons of Light activated.

Weapons of Light buffs the damage a player’s weapons do against enemies. So the high-impact Zen Meteor does indeed become a one-shot body shot kill (a buff that will also do the same for most high-impact snipers in Destiny like Black Spindle).

Destiny Zen Meteor PlayStation Exclusive

That buff allowed Teawrex to kill three enemies in quick succession, causing the fourth explosive round to proc, then sending that bullet into a fourth enemy.

While Zen Meteor is best suited for PvE, where its design lends itself to a player taking out three weaker enemies rapidly and activating the unique perks of the weapon then sending a high-damage round into a boss, many Destiny fans are finding the sniper very useful in the Crucible.

That is mainly because it’s a high-impact sniper which allows a player to kill an opponent off a res (although the field of res-sniping capable snipers increased after the April Update’s weapon rebalancing), but it is also a well-liked sniper because its aim assist stat is one of the highest in the game. That makes pulling off headshots just a little easier.

Do you like using Zen Meteor in Destiny? Do you use it in PvE or PvP?

Source: Teawrex