Destiny developer Bungie is doubling down on its partnership with Sony by announcing PlayStation exclusive content for Year 2. While the recently announced Sparrow Racing League will be platform agnostic, Sony today revealed that PS gamers will gain access to exclusive events, gear, and other rewards throughout 2016.

Obviously, PlayStation exclusives are nothing new to Destiny players, but those typically manifested in the form of a few exotic weapons, a new Strike, and a couple multiplayer maps. For The Taken King, however, it sounds as if PS4 gamers will have exclusive access to even more new story content, which will, in turn, unlock new rewards.

News of the PlayStation exclusive Destiny content comes by way of the PlayStation Experience, where Sony’s Adam Boyes revealed that even the monthly Iron Banner PvP event would feature PlayStation exclusive items. It was hard to get a clear look at it, but it appears PS users will gain access to their own sets of Iron Banner gear at some point next year. How they will be able to earn it – either through regular progression or simply all at once – was not revealed.

Without a clear idea as to the scope of the PlayStation content, it’s hard to say what Xbox owners might be missing out on. After all, these announcements were made at a Sony press conference, and therefore it’s in the company’s best interest to tout their exclusive content. That being said, Xbox players have every right to feel a little shunned, especially if these exclusive rewards carry better perks or if the events are not slated to hit Microsoft’s platform at some point.

Destiny Iron Banner Clash Mode

But while the promise of a Sparrow Racing League and new PlayStation exclusive events is sure to get the Destiny fan base excited, there still feels like something is missing. Bungie has yet to detail future plans for Destiny, mainly those that pertain to DLC expansions. The hope was that the PlayStation Experience might be the time and place to make such announcements, but clearly that was not the case. DLC will have to wait for another day.

However, with a Golgoroth Challenge slated to hit next week and the Oryx Challenge following in two weeks, there’s still plenty for Destiny players to engross themselves in. And hopefully by the time January rolls around, we will have a better idea as to what Destiny’s future looks like in 2016.

How do you feel about the PlayStation exclusive content for Destiny? What do you hope to see?

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.