This past Sunday delivered fans of the former Halo developer, Bungie, a sneak peek at what can be expected from a brand new franchise. Titled Destiny, the initial reveal provided gamers with some answers, but the vague ViDoc bestowed even more questions upon the masses. One valid enquiry was whether or not Destiny would be releasing on next-gen consoles, and now everyone knows it’ll be coming to at least one — the PlayStation 4.

Rounding out Sony’s big PlayStation 4 event, Bungie took to the stage to officially confirm that its new game would be arriving on the PS3’s successor. This may not come as a surprise for anyone who’s been following the game, especially since Bungie informed members of the esteemed press that the title would be coming to “future generation technology,” but it’s still nice to know that Destiny will be available on yet another platform.

To accompany the game’s confirmed PS4 debut, the studio released a new ViDoc of sorts that highlights Destiny running on the next generation format. The extra snippets of gameplay provide a much better look at what the final product will look, and it also gives excited fans something to help soothe the pain of waiting for more footage.

Destiny Screenshots

Bungie didn’t only announce its game’s inevitable arrival on PlayStation 4, though, and confirmed that PlayStation users were in for a very special treat. Those that play Destiny on a Sony-made platform can look forward to “exclusive playable content just for the PlayStation community.” Just what this content will be is still unknown, but more details will be arriving in the not too distant future.

Destiny is currently in development for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and is sans release date. There’s been no confirmation of a Wii U version yet, but Bungie has yet to rule one out.

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