To say that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become an online phenomenon would be putting it mildly. From Twitch to YouTube to Steam, the online battle royale game has been drawing tons of attention from gamers and industry veterans. Even high ranking gaming employees, like Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, have been bit by the Battlegrounds bug.

Any that have regularly followed Ybarra will know that the Corporate Microsoft VP is a big fan of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, regularly streaming his experience on Mixer. But when asked why the game is so appealing, Ybarra compared Battlegrounds to Destiny, explaining that it is the experience of playing, not winning that makes all the fun.

Ybarra’s comments came after he discussed a disappointing night of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds matches, presumably ones with low kill counts and no wins. A follower then shared that is what he enjoys about the game – the experience, not the winning – and Ybarra likened that feeling to Destiny. Read the full exchange below:

Of course, comparisons to Destiny are sure to raise eyebrows, but what Ybarra has to say should ring true for a lot of players. While Battlegrounds players’ ultimate goal is that elusive Chicken Dinner, rewarded for being the last player standing, the game is compelling all on its own. It’s made even more so if players group up for duo or team Battlegrounds, where all sorts of madness can play out.

While Destiny may not be an all out battle to the death, the communal aspect of playing does give it a similar appeal. It doesn’t matter what players are doing, or what is their ultimate goal, sometimes just playing the game is an experience in and of itself.

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If that doesn’t ring true, think about it this way. Players in Destiny and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds do the same thing over and over again looking for different results. Yes, there are slight changes, but in most cases there is a lot of repetition to the experience. What makes that fun is the people you are playing with, and the strange things that might occur while online.

Are Destiny and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds similar games? No, but they do satisfy players in similar ways. So it’s no surprise then that both have proved to be so popular with gamers.