One seriously dedicated Destiny player goes solo to take on Crota, the Son of Oryx, without a controller and beats the Hive prince by only using voice commands.

As chosen by Destiny‘s Reddit community, Redditor and would-be Guardian GladHeAteHer182 has taken on yet another unique challenge for Bungie’s action-RPG, with him defeating Crota using only his voice. In order to complete the task, specialized commands had to be created prior to the battle, with one example being the phrase “take him down” triggering “hold Y to bring out heavy, RT to slam the exotic sword, hold X to pick up the relic”.

While many would attest that defeating Crota is hard enough by typical Destiny standards, not only did GladHeAteHer182 lack his natural playing abilities by not having a controller, but he also had to deal with a 1 to 1.5 second delay in between commands occurring on-screen, with the additional problem of not knowing each phrase by heart. Bearing that in mind, it’s arguable that his successful attempt is more awe-inspiring than a classic speed run. Rather than completely ruin the action by explaining it in full detail, fans would do well to check out the video of the feat below.

This is far from the first time that GladHeAteHer182 decided to best the Hive prince with a wacky stipulation attached. As it happens, several days ago, he beat Crota blindfolded, which took him over 20 hours in total over the course of a few days. Not to mention, he had previously used an even more unconventional method to defeat the boss by using a Rock Band 4 drum kit.

Although GladHeAteHer182’s irregular peripheral use to add an extra wrinkle of difficulty to Destiny is indeed skillful, the fact that he does it all solo without the use of a squad is perhaps even more impressive. On top of his other achievements with the game, he also completed the entire Crota’s End raid alone with the use of Rock Band drums.


Now that GladHeAteHer182’s most recent undertaking has been finished, fans in Destiny‘s official sub-Reddit are already pitching new ways for him to take on Crota. One user said that he should train a pet to solo Crota, while another said that the run should be done with the use of sign language. Whether or not GladHeAteHer182 decides to go up against the Son of Oryx one more time is obviously his decision, but at this point, we can all at least agree that the ways in which Crota has been conquered have reached the point of absurdity.

What do you think about GladHeAteHer182’s voice command run against Crota? Do you think there are better, and even more ridiculous ways to take on the boss, or do you think the concept’s been done to death? Let us know in the comments below.

Destiny and its most recent expansion, The Taken King, is currently available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Sean Gallagher – YouTube (via Reddit)