Destiny Players Reach Max Light Level

By | 1 year ago 

For most players, the appeal of Destiny largely lies in developing the character that they play. Whether they’re leveling up to gain new abilities, or collecting new pieces of gear and weaponry, it’s the sense of constant progression that keeps many players coming back for more.

However, for the very best Guardians among the scores that are invested in the game, there’s a different sort of competition at hand. For these select few men and women, it’s all about chasing the unknown, accomplishing things that no one outside of Bungie has managed in the game.

This might mean being part of the first fireteam to successfully complete a new Raid. In the case of the newly released expansion The Taken King, it might simply be a case of finding a secret on the Dreadnaught that no one uncovered yet. Or, it might be pushing character progression to new heights.

We now know that one player has accomplished the latter, a mere matter of weeks after the game’s 2.0 update drastically changed the interconnecting systems of player level and light level. According to stats from Destiny Tracker, a Guardian going by the name trogdor69u has attained the maximum light level of 310.

Light level after the update is a weighted average of the light values from a player’s weaponry, ghost shell, armor and artifact. Most activities within the game now use a recommended light level to distinguish whether or not a player is capable of tackling the content with their current character.

Destiny Taken King Development Started Early

While trogdor69u was the first to hit 310, now a player called starbai100 has also hit the milestone. It’s likely that more Guardians will join their ranks imminently, as there are more than fifty players listed as being as light level 309, and plenty more just a few notches below.

Most players will likely still be tackling the wealth of content offered by The Taken King, but those at the bleeding edge of the current light level cap might already be looking to the future. It seems likely that the next time this cap will be raised will be when the next batch of content launches.

If Bungie is still planning to stick the leaked timeline we saw early this year, there are likely to be two smaller DLC packages released in 2016, much like The Dark Below and House of Wolves. However, there’s a good chance that this strategy has been reconsidered given middling response to those smaller content drops.

Regardless, it certainly seems like Destiny is thriving as it heads into its sophomore year. The key now is to keep players engaged, and those already reaching max light levels will be hardest to please. As ever, it seems that the secret to a compelling online experience is tied to constant evolution.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.