‘Destiny’ Player Already Reached Level 34 on All Three Classes in 2 Days [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: As it turns out, Destiny player Sherpa-BING is not the first player to fully level all three of his Guardians in the House of Wolves content. That feat actually belongs to a player by the name of BDfromTheLK, who managed to fully level all three of his Guardians one day before Sherpa-BING. We apologize for the confusion.

The original story is below:


The popularity of Destiny can’t be denied. While there are some that decry and criticize the game, it has managed to find a significant fan base that continue to play it consistently. In fact, the game’s base of players has grown to 20 million, showing significant growth and longevity since its launch last September.

Among these players are some particularly hardcore fans that are a little more dedicated to Destiny than others. In fact, one player of the game recently decided to defy power outages and a storm in his quest to grind for Strange Coins, finishing his quest at a local Taco Bueno.

While perhaps not quite as dedicated as the aforementioned player, a user on Reddit by the name of Sherpa-BING has proven that he is also a remarkable Destiny player. Not only has this individual conquered the House of Wolves content, but he has absolutely obliterated it and done so in record time. Despite the fact that the expansion came out only a couple of days ago, Sherpa-BING has already reached level 34 on not one, not two, but all three of his characters, each representing one of the three classes in the game.

This is quite an impressive feat, as leveling in Destiny takes a heavy amount of grinding, and it must’ve taken serious will and determination for Sherpa-BING to fully level all of his guardians in only two days time. Proof of Sherpa-BING’s exploits can be found below:

Destiny - Level 34 in all three classes

Basically, in Destiny, leveling up (after a certain point) is done by equipping your guardian with armor and gear that has light ratings. With enough light, your guardian will reach the next level.

Destiny players out there that are anxious to get to level 34 themselves should check out our level 34 guide to reach it as fast as possible. It involves mostly ascending one’s legendary-tier gear using Etheric Light and other materials, though there are other options as well, such  as completing some of the new challenges in House of Wolves, including the Prison of Elders.

The Prison of Elders is good for one guaranteed piece of Etheric Light per character, obtained through completing it on the level 34 or level 35 difficulty setting. Completing the Prison of Elders at the level 32 and level 35 difficulties also result in the player being rewarded with an item called an armor core, which can be turned in to Variks on The Reef for a piece of gear that has a light level of 42.

A lot of the leveling to 34 process is going to take luck, unfortunately, as most of the materials required to do so are dropped randomly – making Sherpa-BING’s feat all the more impressive.

Destiny is currently available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The House of Wolves expansion just released a couple of days ago, and can be purchased across all systems.

Source: Reddit