'Destiny' Player Grinds for Gear at Taco Shop

'Destiny' Player Grinds for Gear at 24-Hour Taco Shop - LAN Fiesta

Destiny continues to be an extremely popular shooter, with no sign of slowing down. In fact, the game's second major expansion pack, House of Wolves, is set to release within a matter of weeks.

Just recently, Bungie took gamers on a tour of some of the new content, primarily showcasing the new social area The Reef. The Reef will feature plenty of fresh bounties, gear, and other content for players to explore. Of course, House of Wolves is adding other new content besides just a new gathering place for Guardians.

Unfortunately, the House of Wolves expansion won't feature a new Raid, but it will debut a brand new co-op game mode known as the Prison of Elders. Players also have a new Strike and other missions to look forward to as well.

Dedicated Destiny players are surely gearing up for the upcoming new content being added in House of Wolves. But perhaps none of them are as dedicated as the gamer known as LAN Fiesta, who decided to grind for seven Strange Coins in order to purchase a Last Word hand cannon from Xur.

For those unfamiliar, Xur is a mysterious arms dealer specializing in exotic weapons and gear. He accepts Strange Coins as currency, which are not exactly easy to come by in the game. To make matters worse, Xur only shows up for the weekend, and the next time he appears, his stock is completely different. So for a little set-up: the Last Word cost 23 Strange Coins, and LAN Fiesta only had 16 at the start of his grind.

For the most part, LAN Fiesta was able to grind for Strange Coins in the comfort of his own home, raising his Titan-class character to level 25 in the process. He had only one Strange Coin left to earn, when the worst possible thing that could happen, happened.

The power went out.

Destiny - The Last Word

Undeterred by the storm that knocked out his power, LAN Fiesta took his TV and Xbox One to the local McDonald's in order to take advantage of the restaurant's energy and free Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, LAN Fiesta's McDonald's wasn't 24-hours, and so he was forced to pack up and seek out another source of power and Internet.

LAN Fiesta continued his epic, Tolkien-esque journey to the nearby Taco Bueno, which also offered free Wi-Fi. The Taco Bueno wasn't 24-hours either, but the employees allowed LAN Fiesta to stay past close to complete his quest, earn his final Strange Coin, and purchase The Last Word from Xur (oh, and they threw in a plate of nachos, too). This took a few more hours of grinding, but at around 1 in the morning, LAN Fiesta's quest finally came to a satisfying conclusion.

Talk about a dedicated Guardian. At the end of the day, LAN Fiesta does not regret the time he spent grinding for the Strange Coins, and looks back on the experience fondly. Writing on his Imgur account, he said, "The journey ends and I am driving away from one of my best gaming experiences ever. After the long grind of leveling to 25 in one day, to losing hope when my power went out, to the redemption through Taco Bueno. It was a grand day I will never forget!"

The House of Wolves expansion for Destiny will be release on May 19th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Hopefully no power outages force any Destiny fans into using a fast-food joint's Wi-Fi, but if such a situation arises, LAN Fiesta would probably recommend riding out the storm in a Taco Bueno.

Source: Imgur

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