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Destiny Planet View App


By now it feels like we've mined all there is to mine with regards to Bungie's Destiny; that is, before the game officially launches in a week. We've detailed platform exclusives, endgame content, and even created videos highlighting the recent alpha and beta tests.

But where those written previews and news posts might do well to set-up the world of Destiny, they still leave players wanting. That's where the recently unveiled Destiny Planet View comes in.

Created in conjunction with Google's Street View technology, Destiny Planet View lets players explore three planets in Destiny's in-game universe. They can navigate the landscapes almost as if they were actually playing the game, charting every hidden nook and cranny and uncovering more info about loot and enemies. Head to the Destiny Planet View site to check it out for yourself.

Considering Destiny is constructed as a cooperative experience, this Planet View might come in handy as more than just a fun gimmick. Much like players do before an MMO raid, fireteams can use Planet View to strategize how they might tackle a given Strike Mission. Or if a player simply wants to go after some unique loot, they can plot out where exactly it might be.

Destiny Planet View App

Planet view will also give players a better idea as to just how expansive the world of Destiny is. The game has fallen under fire as of late with talk that the game might be limited in depth, but hopefully a brief scan through Planet View will assure gamers that Bungie's latest game is plenty varied in terms of unique landscapes. Trailers so far have focused on Earth, the Moon, and Mars, but the full game will also include the lush green planet Venus, and whatever additional locales Bungie might add through DLC.

There's also a whole section of endgame content and raids for players to sink hours into, but so far Bungie is remaining tightlipped on those. The game's almost out anyway, so they'd rather let players explore.

And that's really what this Planet View tool ultimately lets players do: explore the world of Destiny at their own leisure. And for us it also adds more fuel to our anticipation, even if it ultimately pales in comparison to really setting foot in Old Russia.

What do you think of Destiny Planet View? What other games would you like to see incorporate Google's Street View technology?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: Destiny Planet View

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