Destiny Age of Triumph Adds Peter Dinklage Ghost Easter Egg

Peter Dinklage Ghost Destiny

Now that Age of Triumph is live in Destiny, gamers are anxiously seeking out the new armor available in the sci-fi shooter. But armor isn’t the only thing gamers are finding in the updated missions and raids. One Destiny gamer, known as Sun of Rasmus on Xbox, recently discovered an Easter Egg that pays homage to Peter Dinklage, who once voiced the Ghost character in Destiny.

For those new to Destiny, the popular Game of Thrones actor was actually the original voice for the iconic Ghost companion that follows Destiny’s Guardians around the game. However, due to much backlash from gamers about Dinklage’s less-than enthusiastic voice over work, Bungie decided to replace Dinklage’s voice with another well-known video game voice actor, Nolan North.

The Easter Egg, which can be seen in the Xbox DVR capture below, gives features Dinklage's most "iconic" line, "That wizard came from the Moon." As players make their way through the level, Dinklage’s voice is heard momentary before the Ghost clears his throat and North’s voice is once again speaking to the player.

It’s a fun and endearing Easter Egg that many Destiny fans are sure to enjoy and appreciate, even if they prefer North’s voice-over work to Dinklage’s. Now that Destiny 2 has been officially announced, there’s only so much time left for gamers to reminisce about Destiny’s three-year run before they move on to the sequel.

It’ll be interesting to see if Bungie adds any other unique Easter Eggs into Destiny over the course of the Age of Triumph event. Knowing Bungie, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the developer throw other iconic Easter Eggs into the mix for gamers to enjoy.

One Easter Egg gamers would love to see is a new loot cave hidden on one of the planets. Now that Destiny is coming to a close and Destiny 2 will reset player levels and gear, any items or weapons players obtain now will only be available for a short time. So throwing in a new loot cave  for Destiny players to enjoy a brief moment of nostalgia would be a welcome Easter Egg for sure.

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While gamers wait to see what else Bungie has planned for Destiny and Age of Triumph, they can enjoy the fun Dinklage Easter Egg and continue their quest for epic Age of Triumph armor.

Destiny’s final expansion, Age of Triumph, is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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