Bungie further explains its reasoning behind excluding Destiny‘s Rise of Iron from last-gen consoles, and says a PC port for the game hasn’t been ruled out.

Although E3 2016 is winding down, Bungie director Christopher Barrett spoke to the press outlet GameSpot during the event about how the developer plans on supporting Destiny on last-gen consoles, and further explained why its forthcoming expansion Rise of Iron is only going to be on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Plus, when asked about the potential of a PC port for the sci-fi shooter, the studio head said that Bungie is open to the possibility.

Regarding the reason behind why the next major DLC package for Destiny is only dropping for PS4 and Xbox One, Barrett explained that more than 90 percent of the game’s players are presently on the current generation systems. With that being the case, should Bungie bring Rise of Iron to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, then some crucial content might have to get cut, as the studio director says:

“It was a good time for us to really focus on the current-gen platforms; we’ve said that over 90 percent of our players now are on the current-gen platforms. We’ve gotten to the point where to continue to add new stuff, we would start to have to take things away. And so, we really wanted to make sure Rise of Iron is the best experience possible. So we’ve focused on current-gen for now.”


Although Destiny‘s next expansion is foregoing last-gen systems, Barrett went on to say that he hoped that PS3 and Xbox 360 players’ upgrade path provides them with a “good experience.” However, Bungie’s director failed to share any extra details as to exactly what he meant by that statement.

Perhaps most interestingly, though, is Barrett’s response to the possibility of Bungie eventually porting Destiny to PC, which prompted him to say that the concept’s on the table, but won’t happen any time soon. When asked, the studio director stated, “No updates on that today, but we’re always looking at what platforms make sense for Destiny.

destiny rise of iron - raid boss

In the past, fans have received an explanation for why there’s no PC version for Destiny, with developers saying that working on five different ports of the action-RPG was simply unfeasible for the studio, as it would have required more manpower than it possessed. Nevertheless, as time progressed, evidence mounted for a PC version in the works, as Bungie posted a job listing for a “Compatibility Tester” for the platform. Even so, we have still yet to receive a PC version.

In any event, as far asĀ Destiny eventually getting a PC port is concerned, it’s likely to happen, but probably not this year. As a matter of fact, Bungie is undoubtedly focusing primarily on ensuring that Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion releases without a hitch, and the studio has plenty of projects on its docket when it comes to putting the DLC out smoothly, such as the creation of a new raid, PlayStation-exclusive content, as well as a big weapon and class rebalancing.

Destiny is out now with its forthcoming expansion, Rise of Iron, set for release on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot