Paul McCartney's 'Destiny' Music Video is An Incredible Thing

The community of Destiny players may be counting down the hours until the launch of The Dark Below expansion brings with it new equipment, new locations, and a brand new Raid, but it's a different god-like being getting attention for his introduction into the game's universe.

Those who have played through Destiny to its end credits know that beyond the sense of satisfaction, they're also treated to s single by Paul McCartney: "Hope For The Future." Thankfully, those still struggling their way across the solar system can now enjoy the song for themselves - with a bonus. Bungie and McCartney have joined forces to actually place the former Beatle into the game. In hologram form, of course.

It's hard to know exactly whose idea it was to mesh the twin powerhouses of man and game, but we have to assume the music video wasn't intended to get the kind of attention it's currently enjoying online. Whether it's the interpretive gestures in McCartney's performance or the image of Destiny's Guardians taking time off from battle to be serenaded, the music video is hard to look away from (in the best way possible).

Destiny Paul McCartney Music Video

The release of "Hope For The Future" this week - along with four additional remixes - marks the most recent attempt by the singer to fuse new technology with his performances; and in all honesty, the song actually seems to match the soundscapes of Destiny well enough to avoid negative attention.

For Bungie's part, the cinematic views of Earth, the Moon, Mars and Venus do the job of showcasing the more majestic sides of humanity's future (minus the Hive and Fallen). Of course, the game was engineered from the start to be just a dance track and player animation away from a full-blown rave. McCartney's single may be more subdued, but it cements the growing fiction behind the Guardians' (predestined?) love of music in all its forms.

Whatever the case, the music video is only the latest proof that Destiny is a gift that just keeps on giving; hopefully the developer's sense of humor when it comes to community phenomena will lead to some parodies in the near future. But even without Bungie's approval, it's a safe bet that some other pop icons will be projected into Destiny's world before long.

Do you consider the "Hope For The Future" music video a failed experiment, or the start of a brand new - and obviously effective - means of marketing music in video game form? Whatever your opinion, there's no denying that Destiny players will all have the same song stuck in their heads when tackling Crota's End.

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Source: Wired

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