New Destiny Patch Accidentally Breaks Loot Drop

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It has been ten days since Destiny’s major expansion, The Taken King, was released, launching players into Year Two of Bungie’s loot-driven first person shooter. Players have been grinding for dozens of hours since launch, becoming well acquainted with the improved loot system to collect the gear to help boost their stats to the maximum.

So, when something goes awry with the loot system, players notice. And unfortunately, a new hot fix that came to Destiny yesterday accidentally added a bug that removed the loot drop from one of most “bullet-spongey” bosses in the game.

Along with many other fixes, including a nerf to the exploitable Three of Coins and fixing an issue where some players did not receive an exclusive emblem earned by completing specific Year One activities, Hot Fix also patched a problem with Year One Strikes:

Fixed an issue where Year 1 Strikes were not dropping Uncommon and Rare quality gear as intended

Except the hot fix added a bug into one of those Year One Strikes, titled Cerberus Vae III, which introduced an issue where the final boss Valus Ta’aurc no longer drops any engrams at all. Players on the Destiny subreddit quickly noticed the issue when they came across the strike in the Vanguard Heroic playlist post-patch.

Destiny Valus Ta Aurc

Under normal circumstances, the lack of loot wouldn’t be an issue, if not for the changes Bungie has made to strike playlists, specifically the Vanguard Heroic Playlist. Now, when a player clears the first Strike of the week on a playlist, a Legendary Engram is a guaranteed drop (holding the promise of a higher tier item to boost a player’s Light level). But if the first clear occurs on this bugged Strike, that guaranteed Legendary Engram will not drop. Fortunately, all players will lose out on is the time it took to complete this more lengthy Strike: they will still receive their guaranteed Legendary engram on the next Strike completion in the playlist.

Based on player reports on reddit, it appears that only the standard engram rewards on Valus Ta’aurc are failing to drop, but rewards specific to that Strike, as well as exotic engrams from Three of Coins still function correctly. Also, engrams can drop from other enemies in the Strike, just not the final boss.

It’s unfortunate that this bug accidentally crept into the latest patch, and Bungie says they are aware of the issue and are investigating. If a player is looking to get their weekly drop from the Vanguard Heroic playlist, it’s probably best that they return to orbit if the Cerberus Vae III Strike comes up.

Have you experienced this bug from the latest patch? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Reddit