Next ‘Destiny’ Patch Will Address Treasure Keys, Prison of Elders Bosses

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If a game receives a major update or expansion, it’s pretty much expected that bugs are going to arise. Even previously-stable, excellent games can be temporarily crippled by bugs introduced with updates, and it’s up to the developer to quickly address them and repair the situation.

For Destiny fans, the House of Wolves update brought much-desired new content, but it also had its share of new bugs. Thankfully, Bungie’s latest weekly report is promising to look into fixing some of these problems in their next game update.

Bungie has released its weekly news update, continuing the tradition of keeping their fans up to date with the team’s plans, game statistics, and generally keeping in touch with gamers. The latest news update, released on Thursday, includes some information about the next Destiny game patch, According to Bungie, Destiny fans can expect the update to include the following bug and glitch fixes:

  • #Olive error codes and other Crucible disconnects
  • Mercury Emblems that don’t appear in inventories
  • Treasure Key famine, and the farmers who need relief
  • Ammo synthesis that piles up in your inventories
  • Quests, Ships, or Shaders not being granted by Prison of Elders
  • Encounters with known Prison inmate bosses

Since the Destiny patch was so recently released, it may be a while until the next patch is ready. At this time, Bungie has not yet decided on a date for the next Destiny update, but has promised to keep fans updated as development progresses.

Destiny Prison Of Elders Treasure

While the majority of these bugs have arisen fairly recently, many fans may be relieved to know that the long-standing Olive error code connectivity bug is finally being repaired. Until this latest update, Bungie’s best advice for those struggling with the Olive error code was to restart your game and hope that it didn’t happen again. However, the latest bit of information implies that the code may have been caused (in some instances) by cheaters or hackers, purposefully causing the exploit to kick their opponents from the game so they could easily be the victor. Bungie has suspended Destiny cheaters temporarily or permanently, and fixed a bug that could also cause the Olive error code.

This update should provide gamers with respite from some of the more annoying Destiny bugs, and make certain activities like farming treasure keys much easier. It’s good to know that Bungie is committed to squashing these bugs and regularly updating their fans on their progress, unlike some developers who don’t release patch notes detailing what an update contains.

Destiny is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie