Tomorrow’s Destiny Patch Will Make Nightfall Rewards Better

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Destiny: The Taken King has been generally well received, regarded by some to be “a whole different game” than Destiny in Year One. The Quest system, the King’s Fall raid, and the retweaked Iron Banner PvP event have given players reason to pour hundreds of additional hours into the game.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that need fixing in Destiny’s Year Two. In fact, developer Bungie has issued four patches in the five weeks since The Taken King launched, and another is scheduled for tomorrow.

What should we expect from tomorrow’s patch?


Improved Nightfall Rewards – Confirmed

Destiny Taken King Strike Rewards

Ever since The Taken King launched, the weekly Nightfall Strike, higher-level strikes with special modifiers that add extra challenge, have been a point of contention for players. Not because of the strikes themselves, but because of the rewards earned once completed. In Year One, Nightfalls were often a source of Exotic weapons and armor and Legendary weapons—in other words, good to great loot (minus the occasional drops of Strange Coins or Ascendant Energy).

In Year Two, however, the loot table for Nightfalls has been expanded, much to players’ chagrin. Twitter has been full of the Destiny community complaining about getting Runes, Strange Coins, or Rare Engrams after beating a tough Nightfall. It has gotten to the point where many players have stopped running the weekly Nightfall all together because if the rewards aren’t good enough, they don’t want to do it.

The Creative Director of the The Taken King, Luke Smith, tweeted last week that Bungie recognizes the problem with Nightfall rewards and promised they would be tweaked. Bungie confirmed this afternoon that tomorrow’s patch will include the fix to the Nightfall.

Also important to note, players should not do the Nightfall before the patch as anyone that does will miss out on the improved reward system.


Squashing the Infinite Shadowshot Bug – Likely

Destiny The Taken King NightStalker

With tomorrow’s patch, the community is also hoping for a fix to the Infinite Shadowshot glitch, which ruined Iron Banner for many this week and forced Bungie to skip the anticipated return of the ultra-competitive PvP event Trials of Osiris this past weekend. If it does get fixed tomorrow, Trials of Osiris could return this coming weekend, but may be delayed an additional week until after King’s Fall hard mode hits.

Patching the Omnigul Strike – Possible

Another possible fix that could be coming is to The Will of Crota strike and the Omnigul encounter. Recently, the Destiny community at large has been searching for new strike-specific pulse rifle that only drops from Omnigul called the Grasp of Malok. Popular Twitch streamer tripleWRECK says he spent 36 hours this weekend grinding the Omnigul strike to get one with the perfect roll (he got multiple, but not with the roll he wanted). Although the grind isn’t the problem.

Omnigul Destiny

The problem is that players have figured out a way to kill Omnigul before her final room, team wipe, and then respawn right back at the same place allowing for multiple tries at the boss without running the strike from the beginning. The Shadowshot glitch exacerbated the problem as it made the task even easier to achieve. It wouldn’t be a surprising if a fix to Omnigul made its way into tomorrow’s patch as well.

The patch will go live around 10 a.m. Pacific Time tomorrow. Players will be kicked from the game and will have to log back in after downloading the update.

What are you hoping will be in tomorrow’s Destiny patch?