'Destiny' Patch Fixes More Crota's End Exploits Before Hard Mode Launch

Destiny Patch Before Crota End Hard Mode

The final Destiny patch meant to pave the way for Crota’s End Hard Mode has gone live, bringing with it more exploit fixes for the second raid. However, the actual changes in the patch are minimal, and any other potential fixes are likely saved for a future patch.

In their latest Bungie post, the developer reveals that Crota’s End Hard Mode is still targeting a 10am (or some time shortly thereafter) release time. They will make sure to give players the official “Go!” on Twitter, so those who want to be World First can be prepared.

Getting the title of World First may require a little more creativity than Crota’s End on Normal, but thus far Bungie has kept new Destiny secrets quiet. All we know at this point are the changes that have been made to various exploits.

So far, Bungie has done away with several glitches during the final Crota encounter, a “bug” that made the lamps in The Abyss send players flying, and some exploits for the bridge encounter. This week, they have further addressed some of those sections, specially two bugs/exploits that gained prominence before the first 2015 patch hit.

The first change is that players will no longer be able to de-spawn the enemies in the bridge encounter. Before, players could head to the back of the room where the Swordbearer spawns, stand on a tall box, and eventually all enemies (save for the Swordbearer) would disappear. No more. Now, if players want to solo the bridge encounter they will need to contend with some nasty Thralls, Knights, and Acolytes as intended.

Destiny Update Removes Crotas End Exploits

However, it’s worth mentioning that there are still some exploits for the bridge encounter out there, and Bungie hasn’t removed them just yet. Or they removed them and did not say so in their patch notes.

Crota's End

  • Prepared Hard Mode for manual activation on Wednesday, January 21st
  • Updates on exact go-time will be given via Twitter after 10AM Pacific

Bridge Encounter

  • Players are no longer able to de-spawn enemies after activating bridge plates and holding a specific spot.

Crota Encounter

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused Crota to stop summoning Oversouls

The only other change included with the patch is a fix where Crota would stop summoning Oversouls during the final encounter. Again, something that would benefit the player, and we can’t have that.

While we jest about Bungie’s continued patches focused on taking away, a two-item patch before the launch of Crota’s End Hard Mode doesn’t seem that important. Some might even say Bungie’s track record with patches as of late has been downright disappointing, as very few positive changes have been made. Certainly nothing from the long list of gamer requests has been addressed, but Crota’s End exploits are clearly the top priority.

Are you ready for Crota’s End Hard Mode on Wednesday? What changes would you like to see Bungie make in a real Destiny patch?


Source: Bungie

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