Bungie pushes a hot fix to Destiny patching a number of small bugs, while also preparing for next week’s update to improve the game’s melee system.

Last week, Bungie previewed updates coming to the melee system in Destiny, which if it works correctly, should make melee attacks much more accurate and reliable for players. In preparation for that update to Destiny, which will occur next week, Bungie has also fixed some other minor bugs.

The latest patch,, does in fact contain the changes to the melee system, however, Bungie will wait until next Tuesday, May 10th before manually activating the changes. If anything doesn’t work with the new change, the developer will roll back the melee modifications immediately.

In the meantime, fans have gotten a few minor bugs patched. The patch that most fans will likely appreciate above all is a bug that caused Universal Remote to decrypt from Exotic Special Engrams. Many are feverishly seeking out the PlayStation-exclusive exotic sniper rifle Zen Meteor, and have been disappointed with Universal Remote (which is a primary weapon) decrypting from these engrams that they hope would turn into Zen Meteor.


Speaking of decrypting engrams, some of the rank-up packages from the Cryptarch would actually drop Year 1 Engrams. But that has also been fixed as of this patch.

Another fix is to the Nightfall rewards. While Ghost Shells haven’t been removed or decreased from the Nightfall loot table, there was a bug that kept them from dropping at a higher Light level than a player’s current. Now, Ghost Shells should drop at a higher level, up to the 335 level cap.

Hot Fix also makes a fix to the original Prison of Elders modes (levels 32, 34, and 35), which were not giving out loot correctly from the Treasure Room chest at the end of the activity. This should not affect too many players, as many of them are busy running the revamped Level 41 and Challenge of the Elders modes brought to Destiny in the April Update.

The rest of the patch address some pretty minor and niche problems:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented completion of the quest “With Finesse and Speed”
  • Fixed an issue that allowed purchase of Dreadfang before the player had completed the quest to obtain it
  • Fixed an issue in which some of the Faction Class items did not properly allow quest progression for Factions
  • Fixed an issue where the Hunter “Spektar Grasps” item did not properly display all geometry on PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360

Again, that melee update will be activated next Tuesday. In the meantime, here is our guide to getting the most out of this week’s Challenge of the Elders in Destiny.

Destiny is currently available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.